Product updates are led and developed by the team and are based on feedback directly received from the community via [email protected].

In case you missed the previous Z Fortnightly Update, tentative dates for an upcoming drop have been released and posted here. More information and details about the next Drop Event will be released in a separate blog pre-launch.


  • “Only My Racehorses” filter on Next to Run page
  • Racehorses in OpenSea have been updated with sleeker images
  • For our tech savvy users, a new ‘Advanced’ tab has been added to our settings page where you can retrieve our API key to access results data. See screenshot below.
  • Implemented new breeding limits: reduced mare breeding allowance from 2 times per month to 1 (12 times per year), reduced stud breeding from 7 times per month to 3 (36 times per year).
  • Implemented a new marketplace drop format to ensure fairness for all users. More details to come in the upcoming ECHO DROP blog.

In progress:

  • A new login and account creation flow for users
  • Launching special races for branding and partnerships
  • Exploring secondary market integration to allow users to trade their racehorses, skins, and future NFTs within the platform
  • Newborn foals must wait until their anniversary (same as standard breeding windows) to be given the ability to breed. This will be implemented before breeding reopens.
  • New racetracks!

Design and Discovery:

  • Class distribution and fair racing
  • Updating the design for the ZED wallet side bar, and investigating instant transfers between Ethereum and Matic network for ETH
  • Activate fatigue into racehorses 
  • Integrate a new race performance indicator to better assess the competition within the racing schedule

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