Key points:

    We are giving away USD$1 million dollars worth of our very rare Z8 to Z10 Genesis racehorse NFTs to the ZED RUN community.
  • ECHO DROP Recap
    Why the drop was called off, what caused the issues, and why it is postponed until further notice.
  • Message from the Founders
    Chris, Rob, Geoff and Ebs provide insight on the journey and share their vision for the future.


Getting more people to be part of the ZED RUN community means we need to pivot our drop approach by enabling more players to join, the fairest way possible. By building a legacy and establishing relationships with others across the ecosystem, users everywhere will be able to start building and enhancing this new metaverse. To enable that, the team has decided to bring the massive activation initiative forward.

On Thursday, 1st July, 2021, we will be giving away USD$1 million dollars worth of our very rare Z8 to Z10 Genesis racehorse NFTs to the ZED RUN community in our MILLION DOLLAR DROP – a genuine demonstration that we care for the #zedhead community, new and old.

Thursday, 1st July, 2021 (PT)

How many Genesis racehorses will be dropped in the MILLION DOLLAR DROP?
6,000 Genesis racehorses ranging from Z8 to Z10

Who can participate?
The MILLION DOLLAR DROP is open to anyone who has a stable and attempted to participate in the ECHO DROP on Thursday, 10th June 2021. The pool of eligible users is based from our data of stables who attempted to log into the Marketplace on the day of the ECHO DROP to try and purchase a Genesis racehorse. For further clarification, a snapshot has already been taken. No changes to your stable lineup will change outcome. Users who were actively trying to purchase a racehorse during the ECHO DROP are prioritised and inactive accounts are not.

How will people be chosen?
From the pool of eligible participants in the MILLION DOLLAR DROP, we have also taken into consideration the following:

  • date when stable was created,
  • size of the stable, and;
  • count of Genesis racehorses in stable.

The cumulation of these factors will determine your chance of winning one of the 6,000 Genesis racehorses.

Is this for empty stables only or are larger stables included?
Considerations have been made on the number of empty versus full stables and ZED RUN will proportionately distribute to the lucky winners based on the following weightings:

Number of Racehorses in StablesProportionate Distribution
2 to 4195
5 to 1065
11- 2021
21 +9

The probability of getting a racehorse from the MILLION DOLLAR DROP depends on how many racehorses you own or do not own. By design, users with nil or fewer racehorses have a better chance of winning. At the same time, we cannot and will not exclude existing users with racehorses; hence a fair proportional chance has been given to stables with any amount of racehorses as shown in the table above.

We are aware of users who own and control multiple stables, and we have implemented controls to safeguard the integrity and fairness of the distribution.

How will I know if I have won?
Lucky winners will receive one (1) of the 6,000 Z8 to Z10 Genesis racehorses directly in their stable. Look for your new Genesis racehorse on Thursday, 1st July, 2021!


Since the TERA DROP, the team has focused primarily on building and designing drop systems to handle the crazy growth we have seen and to satisfy the demand of our steadfast community and newcomers. While Drop Events serve as one entry point to ZED RUN, they are not the core functionality of the game. The aim is to get past drops so users can begin experiencing the benefits of ownership, breeding, and racing within ZED RUN.

Postponed Until Further Notice

The ECHO DROP was postponed due to a perfect storm of unforeseen circumstances. There was an unprecedented amount of traffic on the servers for Wave 2, in addition there was a configuration issue which meant that website was creating 5x the amount of connections it should have. This excessive load slowed down the whole system, causing users to reload, which then caused further load and further failures.

The excessive connections to the server affected many users and their experience, causing memory issues with certain browsers, which led users to not being able to purchase a Genesis racehorse. Considering the number one focus for the ECHO DROP was to make things fairer, the technical issues meant this was not being upheld, thus the decision was made to postpone.

Moving forward, the team will dedicate more time and resources to improve the drop experience, which means a deliberate delay on the next Drop Event to ensure all mechanics and functionality are in place.

The team has all hands on deck to address the mechanics and functionality of breeding and ensure we do not replicate previous breeding errors (ex. multiple offspring, incorrect coat colour, etc.). We understand that the heartbeat of ZED RUN exists within its breeding and racing ecosystem which is why improving the flow and accessibility of both will remain our focus. We are working toward a target date of 12th July.

Message from the Founders

We are moving rapidly here at Virtually Human Studio (VHS) and the ZED RUN community has expanded worldwide, attracting thousands of new members. VHS continues to spark the conversation on NFTs and demonstrate the real utility of how these digital assets provide true ownership and value for users. Few NFT projects deliver a real, live and community game like ZED RUN for people to enjoy right now, 24/7.

Founders from L to R: COO Rob Salha, CTO Geoff Wellman,
Creative Director Chris (Ebs) Ebeling, and CEO Chris Laurent

As pioneers leading the future of entertainment, VHS will continue to shift the dialogue and introduce more people to the game-play elements within ZED RUN providing opportunities to participate and monetise blockchain technology in ways that will expand how people think about economies. This is why we refer to our platform as an ecosystem. The focus for VHS is simple: entertain without boundaries in order to bridge the gap across generations and borders, blending the digital and the analog by building something special that will stand the test of time.

No doubt we will hit some bumps along the way in this journey and there will be growing pains but experience is our teacher, and we are not shaken. The team remains determined to improve the product and create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for all. Thank you for being part of this journey with us, standing by us, and staying #zedy!

See you on the track,
Rob, Geoff, Ebs and Chris