​Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is excited to announce the partnership of ZED RUN and Stella Artois! Stella Artois, a brand steeped in the rich history of the sport of horse racing, has released a Limited Edition NFT Collection in collaboration with ZED RUN. In celebration of the United Kingdom’s busiest horse racing season, ZED RUN stable owners will also be ushered into the joyful world and sophistication of the new Stella Artois 3D Racetrack, designed and inspired by The Life Artois.  

The Stella Artois NFT Collection introduces 50 Limited Edition Stella Artois racehorse skins and NFT artworks that celebrate the tradition, fashion and passion of horse racing encapsulated in the “The Life Artois” styling.

​These digital collectibles will introduce horse racing fans to the future of digital horse racing, while paying homage to the sport and the history of Stella Artois. 

One of fifty (1 of 50) Limited Edition Series One Stella Artois NFT art pieces being auctioned on OpenSea

We’re thrilled to be working with such an iconic global brand and offering our players exclusive racehorses, skins and racing experiences through this fantastic partnership. We’ve leveraged the creativity behind The Life Artois campaign to connect the digital world with the physical one.

Chris Laurent, CEO of Virtually Human Studio, creators of ZED RUN

How to Join the Auction

From the 15th to 19th June 2021, the Stella Artois NFT Collection will be available for purchase through OpenSea. Fifty (50) NFT artworks will be on offer as auction items. Each artwork will be accompanied by an exclusive Stella Artois themed skin and a Genesis racehorse. ​

The 50 NFT artworks of the collection will be sold over the next 5 days, with 10 artworks being sold in individual auctions each day. This means that 10 auctions will start and end each day.

Visit racinginthelifeartoisnft.com for the full details and link to the auction.

The auction will be held on OpenSea and those wishing to participate must set up an OpenSea account and a MetaMask wallet.

A Brave New World

As part of this special collaboration between ZED RUN and Stella Artois, the ZED RUN ecosystem will feature a stunning Stella Artois 3D racetrack inspired by The Life Artois. Get ready to ride into the sunset!

Questions? You can find the FAQ here and any items related to Terms here.

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