ZED RUN is delighted to partner with Yield Guild Games (YGG) for the purpose of ushering more players into the world of ZED RUN through NFT loaning.

YGG is a “play-to-earn” gaming guild that brings players together through blockchain economies. As “settlers of new worlds in the Metaverse” YGG’s timely arrival into ZED RUN will no doubt boost the onboarding of new players into the growing platform and ZED RUN ecosystem.

With the surging popularity of NFTs and rise of open entertainment on the blockchain, folks who are new often experience overwhelm and confusion from the get go. Upon the first point of entry, many find themselves asking, “Where do I even start? How do I join?”

YGG’s presence will bridge the gap for new players by introducing a quick shortcut for them to join the fun and begin racing digital racehorses with ease and immediate accessibility. 

A good cause

YGG initially made waves in the Philippines where YGG was saving lives during COVID as “a pandemic lifeline for a small community north of Manila.”

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The values of YGG resonate so strongly with us here at ZED RUN, democratising ownership and allowing everyone to experience ZED RUN in some way, shape or form.

Backed by the best

YGG has recently raised $4m from prominent Venture Capital including Delphi Digital validating the company’s belief that players should be able to earn a living through blockchain gaming by making it as accessible as possible.

YGG has since purchased a large stable of thirty-five (35) Genesis racehorses and users will be able to loan these racehorses and keep the winnings and earnings for themselves. The purchased Genesis racehorses will be used solely to enable greater accessibility into ZED RUN and further demonstrates true interoperability and power of NFTs. The guild is currently building a team of players that will own a stable of racehorses in ZED RUN to race and breed. Over the longer term, YGG plans to set up a “subDAO” dedicated to ZED RUN, beneath the main YGG DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). 

What’s more exciting is the opportunity to experiment with a reputable platform so the team can test how loaning or renting could work and benefit current and future ZED RUN stable owners, optimising yields on their investments.

“Now, with YGG, there is a way to syndicate ownership of ZED RUN’s horses. YGG is that bridge to provide greater inclusion.”

– Chris Laurent, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio

Leading YGG’s stable is community member alohaTim (known as AlohaAxies), who is bringing his experience as a long time stable owner of Aloha Racing and influential ZED RUN community member. Aligned with this community-led initiative, alohaTim will be responsible for driving ecosystem engagement and growing YGG’s presence, boosting accessibility for YGG members to play ZED RUN.

“The demand for our NFTs is so high now that they rival the prices of real race horses. While this is a level of success beyond our wildest dreams, the downside is that it might have become really difficult for some people to get their hands on a horse. So for us, it’s about: How do we get more people into the game? How do we make it easier to access? Now, with YGG, there is a way to syndicate ownership of ZED RUN’s horses. YGG is that bridge to provide greater inclusion,” said Chris Laurent, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio, creators of ZED RUN.

With 58,000 users in the ZED RUN Discord and 100,000 stable owners — only around 7,500 have actually purchased their own horses. This user pipeline demonstrates the barriers faced by players who want to participate but cannot afford the high price of the NFTs required to play.

YGG’s business model, where the guild invests in NFTs to be rented to its players at no upfront cost, has helped solve similar onboarding problems for other play-to-earn games experiencing exponential growth, such as Axie Infinity.

“YGG will allow the tokenization of NFT racehorses in ZED RUN, meaning members of the YGG community can be part-owners in these increasingly valuable assets. This will make ZED RUN more accessible and more affordable for more people,” said Beryl Li, co-founder of YGG.

For each game that YGG participates in, YGG is committed to investing in the economy of that game, and sharing its assets with guild members for them to play and earn with. Earnings and rewards are distributed to the guild, so YGG’s main selection criteria is that the game has clear monetisation design and lucrative play-to-earn tokenomics.

With the influx of new users keen to join ZED RUN and eager to perform yield-generating activities, YGG is helping players navigate past traditional barriers to entry so folks really can play to earn and participate without the challenge or hurdle of owning high-end assets like a stable full of competitive Genesis racehorses.

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