For the first time in ZED RUN history, we offered five days of branded art, skin, and Genesis Racehorse auctions to our worldwide community in partnership with Stella Artois!

Excitement around the auctions first sparked within our ZEDhead and crypto communities with insightful podcast coverage from Moment Ranks and The Mint Condition. News of the partnership quickly spread, alerting industry and mainstream brands and garnering attention from Decrypt to Adweek, Cheddar, and Forbes.

A Stella Artois NFT art piece, skin, and Z1 Colt named “Heritage” sold for 24.1217 ETH

From 15th June to 19th June, the Stella Artois Limited Edition NFT Collection developed in partnership with ZED RUN generated more than $797,000 USD.

Of the fifty auction items on offer, the top two highest winning bids were placed on items which included our most rare of Genesis Racehorses, the Z1 Nakamoto, highlighting the value of our breathing NFTs.

Totals from each day of the auctions are below:

Date Branded Art + SkinGenesis RacehorseTotal ETHTotal USD
15th JuneRivieraZ1 to Z1075.492$197,105.08*
16th JuneChaliceZ1 to Z1056.75$134,364.71*
17th JuneDuskZ1 to Z1064.2124$152,311.81*
18th JuneMoonlightZ1 to Z1071.1917$158,880.65*
19th JuneStella ArtoisZ1 to Z1068.9334$125,417.43*
*USD value as converted ETH at the time of sale

The highest winning bid for a Z1 Nakamoto named Sebastian went for 21 ETH.

Another step forward. There is no doubt that we, here at Virtually Human, are revolutionising sports and entertainment. You’ll see more quality brands boldly embrace unique digital experiences to reach modern-aged consumers in emerging markets.

Chris Laurent, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio