ZED RUN is happy to announce the winning stable owners of the MILLION DOLLAR DROP!


All winners have been notified via email, and to ensure that winners receive their Genesis racehorse, they must:

  1. Check their emails; and
  2. Click on the “Claim” link button within the email before the 9th of July PT.

The reason for this is to ensure that the ZED RUN racehorses do indeed go to active users. All unclaimed racehorses will go back into the Genesis pool, ready for the next drop.

ūü•Ā…and the WINNERS are…ūü•Ā

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What an absolute thrill it is to give away USD$1 million dollars worth of our very rare Z8 to Z10 Genesis racehorse NFTs to the ZED RUN community.

Creating new avenues for people join the fun of owning, racing, and breeding racehorses means pivoting our drop approach and enabling more players to participate in the fairest way possible. This MILLION DOLLAR DROP serves as a genuine demonstration of our care for the #zedhead community, new and old.

As we release 6,000 new Genesis racehorses to eligible stable owners, we share in the pure joy sparked by owning one of our breathing NFTs. Ownership of a ZED RUN racehorse continues to create genuine emotional and meaningful connection for so many people, especially during difficult times of lockdown and disconnection both here and abroad.

ZED RUN is a community first, a place with its own energy and culture where people can meet new friends, gather, compete and build relationships within the ecosystem. It is a place where thousands of stable owners around the world can begin building and enhancing this new metaverse in their very own, unique way.

The team remains committed to developing ZED RUN, expanding access, and forging new partnerships that will continue to push the product forward and deliver groundbreaking experiences for community. Congratulations to all the winners receiving a racehorse today!

The Details

Thursday, 1st July, 2021 (PT) winners will be announced.

How many Genesis racehorses will be dropped in the MILLION DOLLAR DROP?
6,000 Genesis racehorses ranging from Z8 to Z10.

When will winners expect to receive their racehorse?
On or before 10th July, 2021 (PT).

Who can participate?
The MILLION DOLLAR DROP is open to anyone who has a stable and attempted to participate in the ECHO DROP on Thursday, 10th June 2021. The pool of eligible users is based from our data of stables who attempted to log into the Marketplace on the day of the ECHO DROP to try and purchase a Genesis racehorse. For further clarification, a snapshot has already been taken. No changes to your stable lineup will change outcome. Users who were actively trying, attempting to purchase a racehorse during the ECHO DROP are prioritised and inactive accounts are not. Users in Wave 3 and Wave 4 are also prioritised as they completely missed the opportunity to purchases a Genesis racehorse from the ECHO DROP.

How will people be chosen?
From the pool of eligible participants in the MILLION DOLLAR DROP, we have also taken into consideration the following:

  • date when stable was created,
  • size of the stable, and;
  • count of Genesis/Non-Genesis racehorses in stable.

The cumulation of these factors will determine your chance of winning one of the 6,000 Genesis racehorses.

Is this for empty stables only or are larger stables included?
Considerations have been made on the number of empty versus full stables and ZED RUN will proportionately distribute to the lucky winners based on the following weightings:

Number of Racehorses in StablesProportionate Distribution
2 to 4195
5 to 1065
11- 2021
21 +9

The probability of getting a racehorse from the MILLION DOLLAR DROP depends on how many racehorses you own or do not own. By design, users with nil or fewer racehorses have a better chance of winning. At the same time, we cannot and will not exclude existing users with racehorses; hence a fair proportional chance has been given to stables with any amount of racehorses as shown in the table above.

We are aware of users who own and control multiple stables, and we have implemented controls to safeguard the integrity and fairness of the distribution.

How will I know if I have won?
Lucky winners will receive one (1) of the 6,000 Z8 to Z10 Genesis racehorses directly in their stable. Look for your new Genesis racehorse on 10th July, 2021!

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