Product updates are led and developed by the team and are based on feedback directly received from the community. You can find the latest Breeding Update announcement posted in our Discord channel here. You can also click here to view the new ZED RUN Guide available now for you to begin your journey in breeding and racing your NFT racehorses!

The Dev team has been diligently working to ensure platform stabilisation and integrity. To do this, we have split our attention across two main objectives in the coming week(s):

1. Addressing and resolving the recent product bugs which have been reported through the community’s support tickets.

2. Working diligently to implement long term fixes for Breeding and Racing bugs.

Product bugs: captured, in progress, or being fixed


  • Fixing Breeding limits to ensure no more overbreeding.
  • Ensuring that Breeding limits are not affected by failed transactions.
  • Confirming racehorses cannot race while in the Stud Farm.
  • Improving the UX/UI of the Breeding user journey. 


  • Continual improvement to the reliability for processing payouts, registrations and scheduling related to racing events.
  • Stabilisation fixes for live races appearing in the 2D view.
  • Pending payouts, stuck gates, stuck races. We are working through this issue collaboratively with Polygon and Biconomy. ZED RUN is built on the Polygon network, whose blockchain technology enables users to bypass transaction fees when playing within the gaming infrastructure.


  • Not enough $2 racing events. The team is currently looking into increasing the number of racing events in the schedule to cater for this.
  • Not enough variety of race distances. We are making the race scheduling more dynamic by considering distance variety in the race scheduling per class.
  • Class fairness and integrity of the racing feature. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback for Fatigue. The Product Team is internalising your insights! Ultimately our goal here is to ensure that the racing feature remains fair, competitive and skill-founded. We are also looking into ways to mitigate sandbagging.
  • Difficult UX with the wallet side bar. The wallet side bar improvements will be delayed due to other priorities mentioned above.

⚠️ Additional information for your safety ⚠️

The team is currently aware of a user from an outside server posing as @Jay | ZED RUN and reaching out to the community via DMs. Please note no ZED RUN staff member will ask for your wallet details or login details or seed phrase. The real Jay discord ID is Jay | ZED RUN#1526.

As part of good safety practice, remember to utilise the Help Widget on our website when reporting bugs and issues so the Support Team can capture, identify and resolve your individual requests.

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ZED RUN GuideA new guide for the community to learn more about ZED RUN and how to begin breeding and racing your NFT racehorses.
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