Important Bits

Over the coming weeks, the following updates will be implemented to improve the racing experience.

  • More races! Plenty of $2.50 races, plus new types of racing events.
  • Farewell to queues! Races will soon commence 5 minutes after the last gate is filled. 
  • Take a breath… fatigue will soon be here and we thank you for your feedback. More details below.  
  • Improved competition within all racing classes.  
  • While odds are being removed, you will now be able to see how your racehorse measures up to its competition!
  • Leaderboards and New Rating System to improve classes.

More races!

We have heard you say you want more $2.50 races. You can now expect to see at least two $2.50 races at Class V and one in every other race class. The racing schedule within each class will now offer a larger variety of race distances available at any given time. 

Farewell to Queues

Who wants to wait 20 hours for their beloved racehorse to run? No one, that’s who.

Soon, when all 12 gates are filled and confirmed, the race will run approximately five (5) minutes later. That’s right. Put that beautiful racehorse in your preferred race and get ready to see it racing moments later! 

Racehorses cannot be in two places at one time, and racehorses are now only able to enter one race at a time. 

In order to make this possible however, it requires that racehorses can only be entered in one race at a time. Having removed queues, there will be multiple racing events now happening at once.

Fatigue is Coming

Fatigue is an attribute that currently exists within racehorses, but has not yet been activated. With this upcoming update, fatigue will now affect all racehorses. This means that each time you place your racehorse into a race, within that 24 hour period, its maximum potential speed will decrease. 

This decision was based on extensive feedback from the community through earlier surveys conducted. Majority of the respondents felt that racehorses should not be able to race continuously back-to-back without any effect on their performance. We agree. 

While all racehorse’s abilities are affected equally when fully fatigued, racehorses will vary in their fitness levels. This means it will take some racehorses far longer to reach 100% fatigue than others. This will continue to be a discovery process for players.

A new fatigue bar will be available to display the level of fatigue your racehorse is currently experiencing. Discover your racehorse’s fatigue to help you understand how your racehorse’s potential performance may be affected in its next race. 

Classes and Ratings

With the upcoming update implemented, when a racehorse loses in a higher class it will no longer affect the racehorse’s current rating. In other words, players will no longer be able to deliberately place their racehorse in a high competition race (any class above current class) to underperform and gain an unfair advantage within lower classes. This has led to instances where dominant racehorses that should only be racing within their own class were competing against lower class racehorses creating unfair competition.

Moving forward, finishing in the bottom spots of higher classes will not affect a racehorse’s rating. Only losing in your racehorse’s assigned class will result in the loss of rating points, and therefore the ability to drop down a class. 

To avoid a stable using fatigued racehorses to deliberately lose and subsequently go into a lower class, no racehorse that is over 30% fatigued will be able to lose class points if it is losing races.

Removing Odds

At its core, ZED RUN is a game of discovery. While this has been a difficult decision, removing the odds is what the team believes is best for the future of the game. Exposing 1,000 simulations for each race in the form of true odds, is taking away from the racehorse discovery process, especially as we add more variables into the game. We aim to encourage the relationship and responsibility owners establish with their racehorses. 

With the removal of odds, we are introducing a new way for you to gauge the potential performance of your racehorse before the race. Three flame symbols (shown below) will sit next to the top three most likely racehorses that are considered to place (in position 1, 2, or 3) in a race. This feature is intended to assist players with the racehorse discovery process and whether they might be onto a winner. The flame symbol will be featured in the ‘Next to Run’ page within the scheduled races. 

Since our initial announcement about removing odds, we have been actively working on a replacement. This replacement is still in development and once it is launched, users will have access to an indicator driven by historical racing data for each racehorse. More information will be available once this is ready to be released.

New Racing Events

A feature that we have silently working on in the background is that we are introducing two new race formats that will help create more balanced racing events to bring more enjoyment and utility to a wider range of racehorses.

The new racing events will feature a combination of race experience (number of races), plus:

  • racehorses with a 0% win rate
  • racehorses with less than 5% win rate

The aim is to expand the suite of races available to new players, create fairer lineups, and ensure that racehorses with less ability still have a chance to win races as they will avoid racing against elite runners.

Leaderboards and New Rating System

A new rating system will be introduced in the near future to ensure a more equitable way to race. The Elo rating system calculates the relative skill levels of racehorses so that the distribution of racehorses in the class systems are classified within their competitive range. This will more accurately represent a racehorse’s rating based on its past performance.

That’s a Wrap

With this batch of updates, we are creating a wider range of profitable racehorses, and a more fulfilling overall experience for everyone in the game. As a team, we aim to listen to feedback provided by the community and in doing so, we are now delivering more races with less waiting times, improved fairness in competition, and more discovery.

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