Heads up, ZEDheads! More free racing is here! 

ZED RUN is increasing the number of free races! For a limited time, stable owners will be able to get their hands on a share of up to $20,000 USD per day, across all Classes.

No Strings Attached

More Free Races will be added to all Classes, with the prize pools being varied, as follows:

Event TypePrize Pool Size in $USDMax Available Free Races Per Day
Class 1$5072
Class 2$3096
Class 3$25144
Class 4 $20288
Class 5$15288

The addition of free races to the racing schedule is just our latest way of giving back to the ZED RUN community that has so fearlessly supported us along the way. It is also part of our continued quest to listen to and adapt to our community’s needs and make improvements where they are needed most. 

Please note that the increased number of races will last indefinitely and the amount of Griffin Class Free Races remains unchanged.

When is this Happening?

NOW LIVE!!! The new racing schedule has been updated. Free racing is here! See you on the racetrack!  

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