Welcome to the second instalment of the ZED RUN UX Roundup!

Last time we introduced you to the UX team and dropped some teasers about racehorse retirement and surface preference.

This time we have got even more screenshots to share, to get you excited about what’s to come. Strap in and enjoy!

Surface Preference

In the last UX Roundup we teased Surface Preference, which is a coming soon™ feature that will add a whole new dimension to the ZED RUN Racing ecosystem.

This time around we’ve got another teaser screenshot for you, outlining some racetrack surface type concepts – Soft, Elastic, Firm, Rigid, and Hard, as well as the range of surface preference values attached to them.

Each racehorse will have a surface preference. More info will be provided through a blog and updates to the ZED RUN Guide in advance of any changes.

Trial Racehorses for New Stable Owners

In our Roadmap blog we outlined our plan for racehorse renting, starting with trial racehorses for new stable owners.

We’ve got an update here in the form of a shiny new screenshot. How will it work? Well, you just have to ‘Lead organic activated charcoal plaid tofu unicorn’ of course. That’s placeholder text, don’t worry, but we’ll have all the details coming when the feature is ready.

This renting system will serve as a great addition to the onboarding process for new users, allowing people to try ZED RUN before they buy their own racehorse.

Stud Farm Filters

If you frequent the stud farm you may have already noticed that additional filters for coat colour, colour group, and colour rarity (including Super Coats) have already been added. As this screenshot shows, the ability to clear filters is on the way next.

We will continue to make quality of life improvements to the stud farm in line with community feedback, to make it as intuitive and smooth a process as possible.

Racehorse Retirement

Last time it was a teaser screenshot, this time it’s a summary of prototype testing. Things move fast around here!

Last week we asked nine awesome people* from the ZED community to test the Racehorse Retirement prototype. We learned a lot from your feedback:

  • Everyone was excited about the option of retiring a racehorse
  • Most of you want tokens as a reward but you were also excited to see some of the other things we might offer as rewards (hint: retaining naming rights 👀)
  • You still want to be able to see the racehorses you have retired (some of you are quite attached to your ponies!)
  • You would also like to see what racehorses other stables have retired so you can find out what they deem worthy of retirement
  • We have a few improvements to make to the retirement UI

🔥🔥 *Thanks to the 175 people that applied to take part in the testing. We have more opportunities to test new features coming up soon!

Questions? Feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us in Discord or submit your feedback through our various UX surveys and user testing opportunities.

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