Entering Races

In this guide, you will find a host of information relating to how racing will work, how to participate in racing, where to watch races and how to win!

This blog will be split into the following sections:

  1. How To Enter A Race
  2. How To Watch A Race
  3. How Will Performance Data Be Affected
  4. Frequently Asked Question

How To Enter A Race

Once you are equipped with one or more race ready racehorse(s), visit ZED RUNS’s Events Page. On this page, you will have access to current races that are available to be bought into and Free Racing which you can read more about in this guide. There will always be many races available with varying buy-in prices.

If you click on any race, you will notice what other racehorses and stables have entered. Use this information (race starts, total wins, breed type, genotype etc.) to your advantage to help you select which racehorse you will enter.

Once you have clicked on any available race, you will also see what race gates you can buy into.

By clicking on any available race gate number will open up your stable of racehorses where you will have quick access to their past performance data.

After deciding which racehorse you will enter into the race, press nominate to initiate the buy-in transaction through your digital wallet on MetaMask. When your transaction is confirmed you will see your racehorse highlighted next to the gate number you chose to buy into.

IMPORTANT: Your racehorse will appear here instantly, however, if the transaction is delayed or fails, your racehorse will disappear and another racehorse may takes its place.
Where you see a yellow horse icon in the buy-in page or the next to run page denotes that a racehorse from your stable has been entered.

Now, let’s get racing!

Watching A Live Race

Races will always start from the Next to Run tab.

3D racing is coming soon!

If you do miss a race, you can replay it (or any other race) from the results tab by selecting the race and pressing the replay button. All live races and replays can be watched in 2D, 3D or via our live streams through Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Live!