Racing Strategy

All unraced racehorses must compete in a Griffin race to begin their racing career. Once a racehorse has run its Griffin race, it must complete nine further Discovery races. These races are used to establish that racehorse's class rating, which in turn is used to assign it to a specific class once the Discovery races have been completed.

After the Discovery races, there are six classes that a racehorse can be assigned to. Once assigned, a racehorse can move up and down between the different classes based on their finishing position in races.

Racing Strategy

Breeding Strategy

Breeding is a game element and is pivotal within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Just like the real world, you can breed two racehorses together and produce a new offspring.

You can participate in breeding your racehorse(s) and produce a new offspring. Similar to racing, breeding in ZED RUN requires skill and strategy to build out a competitive stable.

Breeding Strategy



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