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New Series!! ZED Pulse: Community Driven Product Updates, XP NFTs, ZLead Sizzle 3, ZEDGE Launch, Winner’s Circle: Maiden victories, tournament wins, & stable milestones hit + ZED Emoji Trivia: Maiden Stakes Edition

Maiden Stakes Return: May 22-23, 2023 UTC, Ryan Trost joins Arbitrage Racing, ZED RUN Leaderboard, Zombie x Arbitrage Maiden Tourney, Winner’s Circle: Queen Bean, K&E, OnlyFoalsAndHorses, Chateaux, Deerte’ Downs, Lobo Fish, Top Gun Racers, TheAccountan7, Taco, Streamer Spotlight: Must-follow live content creators, ZED Emoji Trivia.

Event-Based Lobby, BLQC Party Tournament hosted by Warhorse Racing Club‍, ZLEAD Sizzle, ZED Grants, Winner’s Circle: Legendary victories from this week’s Breeding 3.0 tournaments‍ + ZED Emoji Trivia 1v1 Showdown Edition

Arcade Mode: gather your friends and race to the finish line, ZLEAD Sizzle, Anzac Day Race Battle, Meet the Zedheadz: CryptoSonar‍, ZED Grants, ZED Emoji Trivia + Community Achievements: Flaming Donkeys, Cayenne Stables, Young Gun Stables, Bloodstock Cartel, JIGL, Caldi’s Cavalry

WETH + XP Tournaments - $140k in prize pools, Maiden recap: $52K USD Community-Funded Prize Pool, Paid Entry XP Tournaments, ZLEAD Twitter Space: Kingpin Racing, Donkey Teeth, Sample Gates Stables & PKZED, Emoji Trivia: Profitable Class 4 Edition + Community Achievements: Folly Racing, Flashback81 Racing, Lam Racing!

ZLEAD Sit n’Go Tournaments, XP Tournaments Recap, ZΞD University w/ Chateaux, ZED Trivia: C5 & C6 Beasts Edition and Community Achievements: North West Stables, DinoShark Stables, EurekaStables, Zed Jockey.

ZED RUN and Triple C, Henry Cejudo, Maiden Stakes Recap, The Stable Hands Podcast, Zed Hustle, Meet the ZED Headz: Jimi from Flaming Donkeys, ZED Trivia and Community Achievements: Mandrake Stable, Goose Gang Racing, Socalrunners, K&E, Chubby Stables, Sheldikar.

Recovery Rate, Maiden Stakes, XP Tournaments, ZLEAD Improvements & Additions, Siderophobic, Meet the ZED Headz: Goose Gang Racing, ZED Trivia + Community Achievements: Fried Man Farm, ZZH Racing, Glue Factory 3.0, Unholy Stables, Sweety Stables, Axis Racing.

Recovery Rate, Ultimate UFC Experience, ZEDGE & Zed Racer, ZED KNIGHTS, Meet the ZED Headz: Patticakes | Mace Racing, ZED Trivia, Community Achievements: Sample Gates, Native Stables, NorthWest Racing, Edge of the Galaxy, High Horse Racing + SXSW Sydney

ZED Grants is live, ZED Knights: Live announcement Budweiser Year of Beer + Budweiser Merch, Yesports Marketplace, Maiden recap, Budweiser Merch, Meet the ZED Headz: Fifth Street Racing, ZED Trivia and Community Achievements: Craggy Island, Undercover Racing, Rednax, Turf Athletics, DK Racing‍.

ZED RUN and ZED Token teams collaborate to launch a gaming community grants program offering up to $10,000 in NFTs and tokens, early access to new products, and updates for new and existing ZED RUN communities.

The Stable Hands Podcast, Celebrity Sports Stars Tearing Up the Track, Budweiser Merch, ZED Knights, Meet the ZED Headz: Rainier Racing, ZED Trivia & Community Achievements: H-Oasis, Lukash Digital, BigBeard Stables, Swan Lake Racing + Melz.

Maiden Stakes Recap‍, Product Update, Stamina, ZED KNIGHTS, Women of ZED, Meet the ZED Headz: Smiley Joe Lear, Community Achievements and Top Racehorse Sales.

This International Women's Day we're celebrating the amazing women making waves in ZED RUN. We asked them about their experience with ZED RUN and their advice for other women looking to dive in. Join us in celebrating these badass women and their contributions to the ZED RUN community!

This International Women's Day we're celebrating the amazing women making waves in ZED RUN. We asked them about their experience with ZED RUN and their advice for other women looking to dive in. Join us in celebrating these badass women and their contributions to the ZED RUN community!

Maiden Stakes, Meet the ZED Headz: The Mustang Ranch, ZED KNIGHTS, Triple Crown Jockey Club, Arbitrage Run Show, Hawku Turns One, Product Update, ZED Trivia, Community Achievements and Racehorse Sales.

Attention ZED Headz! Maiden stakes, Meet the ZED Headz - TriStar Racing, dominate 1v1 races with ZED Racer, ace ZED Trivia, and catch weekly highlights in ZED Knights.

Win autographs from Zab Judah & Smiley. Discover Paddock to Podium, meet the ZED Headz - Intense Stables, test your knowledge with ZED Trivia, celebrate community achievements and catch the latest episode of ZED Knights.

Maiden Stakes, Lucky Maiden 10, ZED RUN Down and Coffee, The Arbitrage Run Show: Double doors - Facundo + Ryan, CryptoSonar 2023 Stakes - Live in Las Vegas, Meet the ZED Headz: McGuineas Racing, ZED Trivia, BigBeard Stables, LunaStable369 and Buffy Mac

‍Hawku Category Sales Stats, SuperBreed Sale, The Arbitrage Run Show, Newly ZEDs, Meet the ZED Headz: Vads ZED Tips, ZED Trivia, Community achievements: Intense Stables, Colosseum Racing, JP Geek Master + ZED Knights. 

Super Breeds, The Convergence, ZED Knights + ZED RUN Trivia, ZED Racer, XP Showdown recap, Newly ZEDs, NakamotosOnly, Swalracing, TripleCrownJockeyClub.

Super Breeds is coming - this brand new feature is sure to shake things up in the ZED RUN ecosystem!

Birthday Bonanza, ZED Knights, Beat the Beasts, Daily Tournament recap‍, Newly ZEDs: Borrowing a Racehorse, Meet the ZED Headz: LJT Racing, Community Achievements: Dastardly Dastard, Eureka Stables, and Flaming Donkeys.

ZED Knights, Daily Tournament recap, Aussies Talking ZED ‍Challenge Payments, Newly ZEDs, Meet the ZED Headz: Big Dig Racing 

Fired up for a HUGE 2023 - ZED KNIGHTS is back! ZED RUN sat down with @JiggaPorto, Director of Content and Host for KOD Media, to talk about his KOD journey, and what ZED HEADz can look forward to in 2023.

Year In Review, Metaverse Cup, Zed Racer’s Z International, Direct Lending Community Stories, Top Racehorse Sales.

HUGE week in ZED RUN - Class Based Tournaments, ZED Knights, ZLEAD, Metaverse Cup Final, Budverse Holiday Stakes + more

Huge week of releases for ZED RUN, New Class System, Direct Lending, ZED Lead with Facundo, Budweiser Challenge, NASCAR Challenge, ZED Knights + more

Lucky Maiden 9, breeding updates, Tool Creator — The Zedge, Coinbase Wallet integration, Scuba Steve Stables, and ZED knights.

We interviewed ShadyLane, The Zedge’s founder and an outstanding ZED RUN community member, to discuss the highlights of his site and how ZED Headz can use it.

Metaverse Cup, The Crypties, Lucky Maiden 9, Sprocket's Big Stable, Core Gameplay update, Top Racehorse Sales, Community Achievements.

Despite a seemingly quiet presence on social media, Sprocket’s Big Stable has managed to earn 26.5 ETH racing profit and we want to know how they've done it!

Continuing our endeavour to showcase the best and brightest tools and their creators, this week we’re highlighting Zlead, a sharp analytical tool for racing, and breeding made by well-known community member Danshan!

ZED Knights, Metaverse Cup, Arbitrage Run Show, Top Racehorse Sales, ZED RUN to NYC + Community Achievements

Core gameplay improvements, Metaverse Cup, Coffee with Captain, Juiced Maiden, Melbourne Cup Mayhem and more.

The class system as you know it is being refined to allow for a more engaging racing experience for everyone

ZLead Talk, ZED RUN Halloween, Concurrent Tournaments, ZED RUN World Cup Mint, Lucky Maiden, Coffee with Captain, ZedRacer + more.

We’re on a mission to spotlight the best third-party sites for ZED RUN, to not only show their creators some well-earned appreciation.

ZED Knights, ZED RUN World Cup, Discord Updates, Budweiser Brewery, Monday Night Mayhem and more.

ZED Knights, Discord Pity Point Party Results, Zombie Racing Finals, Halloween, ZED RUN World Cup + more.

We’re running our very own ZED RUN Metaverse Cup extravaganza, paying homage to the biggest sporting event in the world.

Menace2metaverse, creator of beautiful resin sculptures, featuring ZED RUN racehorse busts and Human Park Obelisks.

🐎 Tune in to ZED Knights at 8pm EDT to watch ZED RUNdown come to life! October 7, 2022 12pm UTC | 8pm ET | October 8, 11am AEDT on Twitch or YouTube

New paid racing schedule, Monday Night Mayhem, ZLead, Stable Wars, Melbourne Cup + more

Monday Night Mayhem, Discord Donkey Derby, Maiden Recap, ZED Knights + more

Best of Bloodline, ZEDucation, Discord Donkey Derby, Lucky Maiden #6, Zlead + more.

Ladies of Valor Stable - helping women succeed in ZED RUN.

Lucky borrowers and a major lender reflect on the first week of Borrowing.

Borrowing and Lending highlights, Daily Tournaments, Budweiser Breeding Barn, Maiden Stakes Recap + more.

Borrowing, September Shootout, Anomura Pre-Mint Giveaway, NASCAR, Donkey Derby + more.

Celebrating the generosity of well known stable owner and community member East Coast Stables.

You can now borrow a racehorse in minutes, for free.

Lending, NASCAR Challenge #4, ZEDHEAD Nood Suit and more.

NASCAR is back at it again with the auto racing leader’s fourth instalment of ZED RUN racing challenges! 

UK Meet Up Recap, Product Updates, and the winner of our Infinity Collection 10K Giveaway

Six Shot Stables outlines his first-month learnings, all beginning with a $50 budget. 

As we continue to innovate, we are closer to unlocking opportunities that set the stage for a position in money gaming initiatives.

ZED RUN UK Meet Up, ZED RUN on ABC News, Twitter Spaces, and more.

Meet Chef Jose', or as ZED RUN knows him -- Dough Boy.

ZED Headz unite in Manchester on August 13.

Everything Heritage Can holders need to know prior to hitting the digital racetracks.

Lending, NASCAR Challenge #3, and Product Updates.

Scuba Steve Stables dives deep into Z200+ racehorse research.

The third exclusive challenge for NASCAR ZED Passholders is here.

ZED Token, Budweiser Week, and High Stakes Top Six.

Attention all ZED Headz - claiming your ZED Tokens begins today!

Everything you need to know about Budweiser Challenge #1

A lot has changed this year at ZED RUN. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights.

The Miami Ape, Most Wanted Invitational, and product updates.

Archibald Royal Family wins a $4,000 donation for The Gary Sinise Foundation.

Twelve of ZED RUN’s most notorious stable owners face off in the Inaugural ZED RUN Most Wanted Invitational charity event.

The Miami Ape joins Chateaux’s Starter Stream, the Community Meet-up at Saratoga, and more.

RSVP to attend the ZED RUN community meet-up on Saturday, August 6.

ZED RUNdown Edition 27 -- ZED Token, Top six races, NFT NYC Recap, and more.

Dear ZED Headz, it’s happening.

Find out if you're one of the 50 winners of a Budweiser Pass.

Andrew and his daughter Chloe chat about bonding over ZED RUN.

ZED RUN x NFT -- Marriott, Happy Hours, Perion, and more.

ZED RUNdown Edition 26 -- Know Your Horses news, community roundup, and ZED RUN in the News.

Diva's Diamond Racing dishes on the NFT NYC ZED RUN Happy Hour event.

From worst to first -- Matariki wins the Keep on Winning Cup after being the last racehorse to qualify for the tournament.

ZED RUNdown Edition 25 — #NFTNYC, Players Tribune, and NASCAR Time Trial.

NASCAR Racing Challenges at ZED RUN have returned!

ZED RUNdown Edition 24 -- NFT NYC, product updates, and ZED RUN in the news.

Meet Blockchain Bloodline -- the ZED Head planning to take his passion for the game full-time.

Senior Game Designer Sam McAlpine joins the ZED RUN Product team looking to help build the future of digital asset ownership.

ZED RUNdown Edition 23 — NFT NYC, Growth Academy, and the Official beer of ZED RUN.

ZED Chateaux shares suggestions and his advice to new ZED RUN users.

ZED RUN is coming to NFT NYC from June 21-23

Please welcome to the digital race track our newest partner, iconic brand and one of the biggest sponsors of sport across the globe - Budweiser! ‍

Investing in the next generation of artistic and engineering talent.

A big announcement, the hottest racehorse in ZED, 'ZED of Origin'

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