Ten ZED RUN Changes You May Have Missed

July 22, 2022
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TL;DR: You may have missed

  • Daily Tournaments: Five-figure daily tournaments open to all
  • Conditional Tournaments: Specialised to level the playing field
  • Dynamic Payouts: Top Six races reward 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishes
  • Lower Paid Racing Options: Class 5 and 6 now offer lower paids
  • UX Improvements: You asked, we listened
  • 3D Racehorse Skins: Wrap your racehorse and run it in style
  • The Official Beer of ZED RUN: Budweiser x ZED RUN partnership
  • ZED Acquires Know Your Horses: Find all your data in one place
  • Play ZED with social login: Create a ZED RUN stable in a few clicks
  • Increased Communications: Weekly recap, AMA’s, Twitter Spaces

It’s been quite a first-half of 2022 for ZED RUN, and we’re extremely proud of the progress the game has made. With many anticipating what’s next, let’s look back on some of the highlights. We think you’ll love what we’ve done with the place. 

Daily Tournaments 

In February, Daily Tournaments debuted at ZED RUN. Each day's grand total prize pool is announced at the beginning of every week. Last week featured daily prize pools of $14,000

To be eligible for tournament qualification, racehorses need to complete a minimum of five races in a specific distance funnel during the Qualifying Period. 

Sound like fun? Let’s go! All information for the Daily Tournaments can be found in the ZED RUN Guide.

Conditional Tournaments 

No Nakamoto? No problem. We’ve created tournament options that cater to every racehorse. 

ZED RUN added Conditional Racing Tournaments in March, offering new tournaments for specific racehorse segmentations such as Z50+ only and Z268 only events, making the competition your racehorse meets on the track much more akin to its skill level. 

Dynamic Payouts

If you’re a stable owner that once grew frustrated by constant fourth and sixth place finishes, boy do we have news for you - Top Six racing events!

The added dynamic payout option provides stable owners an opportunity to enter a racehorse into races that reward the top six finishers, not just the top three. 

That’s right – no more pity for that fourth place finish. You can actually get back your buy-in, and then some. Unleash the perennial fifth place monsters! 

Lower Paid Racing Fees in Class 5 and 6

Do you love paid racing, but also cherish your WETH? 

We get it, so we’ve created a shallow end of the paid racing pool just for those stable owners and their lower class racehorses to race on a budget. 

ZED RUN now offers lower fee racing events for those racehorses that are still finding their way. Paid racing events are now available for as low as .50 USD in Class 6 and $1 USD in Class 5.

Product updates 

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the last year-plus, it’s that ZED Headz aren’t shy about letting us know what improvements they’d like to see. Below is a short list of some improvements you may have missed: 

  • Timeouts: Long-standing races are now cancelled if they don't fill after a certain length of time. Countdowns are visible to stable owners, and refunds issued once cancelled. 
  • Increased race availability: More races at more distances than ever before.
  • Multiple race entry: Stable owners can now enter multiple races at the same distance simultaneously (one free and three paid). 
  • Auto-gate selector: Free races now offer an auto-gate option that skips the need to choose a specific gate. 
  • Racing filters: It’s never been easier to find the specific race you’re looking for. Filters have been added to the Events page so you can sort open racing events and only see the ones you want.

3D Racehorse Skins

ZED RUN has always been a visually stunning experience, but if you haven’t watched a race in awhile you’re in for a surprise – 3D racehorse skins are live, and they’re beautiful! 

A platform-wide contract upgrade took place in February, allowing ZED RUN to debut 3D skins. The ability to bundle a skin with a racehorse and utilise in-game is one of the most exciting developments this year. 

If you missed out on the fun, our May the Fourth Dark Side 3D Skins and many more variations are now available to purchase on OpenSea

Budweiser: The Official Beer of ZED RUN

File this under some massive and notable ICYMI news – Budweiser is now the official beer of ZED RUN! 

In June, Budweiser and ZED RUN released for sale the Budweiser Pass – an NFT that serves as a vessel for entry into exclusive prize pool races, skin airdrops, access to exclusive merch drops, and even the chance to win a year supply of Budweiser beer.

Details of the partnerships can be found in the Budweiser Roadmap.

ZED RUN Acquires Know Your Horses

ICYMI – Know Your Horses is now officially a part of the ZED RUN team! 

For both longtime and new users alike, Know Your Horses is one of the most important community tools, and a vital part of the racing experience. Now, KYH is working hand-in-hand with our team to develop and customise data and features our stable owners most need to succeed. 

Torus Wallet Social Logins 

The ZED-curious Web2 crowd can now join the fun in just a few clicks! ZED RUN recently integrated Torus social logins – a one-click social log-in experience that welcomes mainstream users via a gateway they’re familiar with. 

The addition of Torus is part of ZED RUN’s continuous evolution as an inclusive, accessible entertainment and gaming experience. Now, anyone and everyone can play ZED RUN with just their Facebook, Google, Reddit, or Twitter credentials.

Increased Communications 

Whether it be via the new look community hub blog, our rapidly growing Discord channel, our fun engaging Twitter account, or Twitter Spaces and AMA’s, ZED RUN has made it a point to ramp up places you see and hear from us. 

Our weekly comprehensive recap blog, the ZED Rundown, provides stable owners the latest news, what the community is up to, and what they need to know about heading into the weekend. 

To those who have provided an email address, our team is delivering to your inbox with steady cadence news on upcoming events and updates. 

So, there you have it – just a snippet of the changes and improvements ZED RUN has made over the past few months. Hope it’s left you as bullish for the next three as we are! 


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