Twinning is Winning - The Commonwealth Success Story

August 31, 2022
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It’s always exciting when ZED RUN stable owners hit a big milestone, and when they rightly share their success on Twitter, the ZED RUN community turn up in force to offer their congratulations.

Recently it was The Commonwealth - ZED Stable who shared their milestone, and what an impressive one it was too - reaching 10 ETH in profit through ZED RUN. We had a digital sit-down with the 24-year-old twins, who shared some of their insights, as well as reflecting on their remarkable achievement.

How did you discover ZED RUN? What about it caught your attention?

We found out about ZED from the Hamish & Andy Podcast. My brother and I messaged each other at the same time saying we wanted to look into this digital horse racing game, and we just wanted to be a part of it.

You mention that you’re 24-year-old twins - tell us about yourselves?

My brother is a high school teacher and I’m a telecommunications engineer. We live apart now, but basically do everything together. 

Was this your first investment?

Yes this was our first and only investment into the crypto space.

How did you begin? What did you buy with your 0.15 eth? 

Our first investment was a racehorse called Radiant Lava. Our goal was to study, study, study, before making any big purchases. We studied the market for a racehorse that was “semi-proven,” meaning it had a promising start to its career.

We would look at the market, analysing data and racehorses for days on end waiting for the right time to buy. Radiant Lava was a great buy for 0.085. I raced it for some time until moving on once it turned it from “semi-proven” to “proven,” leading to a sale of 0.25 only weeks later.

How many racehorses did you start with and how many do you own now?


For our first two-three months we never owned more than four racehorses at a time. We moved quickly once we saw the opportunity to upgrade.

Our goal was to not stay loyal to racehorses, and if the time came to sell for a better price than we paid, we’d would but only if it could benefit the stable down the track. We now own 27 horses, and all 27 are making a profit in Paid Racing.

What was the strategy you used to grow your 0.15 eth to 10 profit?

We simply studied the absolute ins and outs of the game. Our strategy has always been to find racehorses on the market that are showing promising signs early in their career. To do this, we needed to know the best racehorses at every distance in every class, we knew their odds / how often they flamed, and when a new racehorse came along, and had better odds or out-flamed them we would become interested. This strategy saw us purchase racehorses like: 

  • Forever Corrupt for 0.07, which has now made us 0.73
  • Dodder for 0.3, which has now made us 0.7 
  • Go Low for 0.14, which has now made us 0.5

It’s not easy, but there are plenty of hidden gems out there. They are more of a risk to go after, but if you're patient, do your research and ask around for help, this strategy could work for you too!

Eventually, we got the funds to purchase more reliable racehorses that can race in Paid Racing more consistently, including:

  • Liberty Cap -  1.3 ETH profit in four months
  • Bright Rocket - 1 ETH profit in four months
  • Are You Pregnant - 0.8 ETH profit in four months

We definitely have better racehorses now, but those were the foundation of our stable for the first couple of months.  

However, I genuinely believe the success of our stable is due to us not wanting to wait for ZED to bring the game to us, and instead taking the game to ZED.

What I mean by this is that 90% of the 10 ETH we made is from Paid Racing. We don't wait for the weekly schedule to be released, we use our assets  and the ones ZED RUN has available. Normal Paid Racing, Top 6, 6-horse races, cheaper C5/6 entry fees. It's all there. Please trust me when I say, if you think your racehorse can win money in ZED RUN’s free tournaments, it can win money in Paid Racing. 

Did you use any community tools or get advice / support from any stables?

The only tools we use are Know Your Horses and Hawku. A lot of the other tools and sites are great, but we get all we need from those two sites. In terms of community support, a lot of the big stables helped us in one way or another, by giving tips and tricks when we were learning the ropes. We especially want to shout out to Pixies Paddock for a lot of tips early on. He is a legend.

What was your expectation when you bought in? How has this exceeded it?


Our expectation was to own some digital horses that we could race for fun, and to be completely honest that is still what is happening to this day. We like to treat ZED RUN as a game - yes, the financial side of it is a bonus, but if you’re not having fun it’s not worth putting all this extra time into it. 

What do you love about ZED RUN? 

We love the idea of having a hobby that we have control over. When you support a sports team, or bet on a racehorse in real life,  you don’t necessarily have any control on the outcome. With this hobby you can strategise and make decisions that can determine your outcome.

We’re excited to see where The Commonwealth twins go next! Drop them a follow on Twitter to follow along with us.


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