ZED RUN Edition 68

May 6, 2023
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Arcade Mode: Gather your friends and race to the finish line

ZLEAD Sizzle: Sit ‘n’ Go Tournament hosted by Danshan

Anzac Day Race Battle: Zedrun Resurrection hosts exciting tournament for Anzac Day

Meet the Zedheadz: CryptoSonar

ZED Emoji Trivia: How well do you know your Finneys?

Community Achievements: Flaming Donkeys, Cayenne Stables, Young Gun Stables, Bloodstock Cartel, JIGL, Caldi’s Cavalry

Get hyped for the weekend with Arcade Mode!

Introducing Arcade Mode!! 👾 Who says you can’t play with the cool kids if they’re not in the club? 🤔 Arcade Mode lets you race with anyone you want (yes, even your G’ma), no sign-up required!

What is Arcade Mode?

It's a new way to race that allows you to invite your friends to race against you in a fun and easy way. It's a perfect introduction to the world of ZED RUN, and it’s hella fun! 

To help you understand how to best utilise Arcade Mode, we’ve put together a few scenarios where it might come in handy:

Ready to show off your racing skills to your friends and family? ZED RUN's Arcade Mode makes it easy to introduce them to the exciting world of digital horse racing!

Looking for a fun game night idea?
Gather your friends and race to the finish line with Arcade Mode!

Don't let distance keep you from racing with your buddies! Host a virtual tournament and connect with friends from all over the world with ZED RUN's Arcade Mode.

Want to settle a tab at the pub in a fun way?
Set up a ZED RUN Arcade Race and watch your friends' faces as they come in last, knowing they're the ones buying the next round of drinks!

Simply visit the events page on zed.run, generate your unique link and invite your crew to join a race. Whether you’re looking for some friendly competition or an all-out race to the top, seize the opportunity to start racing together!! 🐎

ZLEAD Sizzle

Danshan (creator of ZLEAD and Stacked Naks Pro) released another awesome paid tournament for the masses and an astounding 6687 racehorses were entered! 

Open to Class 1 through Class 5 racehorses with segmentation by class and funnel, the tournament has random distance (within funnel), six to 12 horse races, and the top two-four (depending on if 6H or 12H) racehorses advance to the next round.

This will continue until the championship which is a six-horse race where first place is paid 50% and second 20%. The remaining 30% of the pot will be allocated toward the Grand Final, which will be nine races with Fibonacci scoring and pay out in a percentage of 65/25/15 for first, second, and third place.

In addition to the user entries, ZED RUN has added $2.5k to the Sizzle prize pool!

Good luck to all ~6700 entrants! Be sure to follow Danshan on Twitter here for updates on when each round is going off and tune in!

Meet the ZEDHeadz: CryptoSonar

Stable Name: 💎 CryptoSonar Racing 💎

Discord Handle: CryptoSonar | Twitch & YouTube#7846 

ZED RUN Origin Story

I began my ZED RUN journey in June, 2021 after learning about it in a Twitch channel. My first horse was a Chartreuse named Grinch, which I sold for a tiny profit not long after. I had no idea the rabbit hole I was entering. Having made mistakes, I proceeded to build a stable, and kept making mistakes. Once I gained my sea legs, after almost a year, I decided to start streaming so others could learn, get informed, and build a community. I am most proud that we have the most watched hours in the ZED category of any creator on Twitch over the last year. It's a testament to those who come and watch, as we teach them, race with them, and form a community of players who love helping others and see the future of the game. 

Favourite Part of ZED RUN

My favourite parts of ZED RUN are breeding outcomes, discovering horses, the custom tourney's I run, racing with my community, and the partnerships and challenges. I've also created two phrases I love to use.

"Let's Go, Let's Grow", and "This Is Community, This Is Zed". 

Advice you would give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN

To onboard new players, I feel the most beneficial thing we can do as creators and players, is walk them slowly. Start with Arcade, then lend them a decent horse of yours, at the same time teaching them where to race it. Answer questions they have, and most importantly, wait for them to ask you after on how to buy a horse. Obtain their budget, then explain the process on purchasing a horse. Start small, then scale up to minimise mistakes we have made. They will appreciate you and ZED RUN.

Anzac Day Race Battle 2023

Zedrun Resurrection Tournaments hosted an exciting event for Anzac Day where Australia and New Zealand ZED RUN stables faced off on the racetrack!

Twelve races across four classes and three funnels took place with the fan-favourite Fibonacci scoring to determine the winning team!

In the end, the Australian team prevailed but everyone who entered and over 25 people who tuned in to the stream had a blast watching it all go down!

Make sure to follow Zedrun Resurrection Tournaments on Twitter here as they continue to come up with engaging third party competitions for the community to enjoy! 

ZED Emoji Trivia 

Let’s show those FINNEYS some love this week. Below, you’ll find five racehorses of the marvelled Finney Bloodline that are among the top ETH earners in the current class system. 

🦸 🥒

⚪ 🦈

💃 🎡 💡

💥 🐎

🍯 💵

Last week’s answers: Purple Drip (0.822 ETH Profit in Racing 2.0) owned by Norgie, Double Shot of Fairy (0.495 ETH Profit in Racing 2.0) owned by All-In Racing, Colombian Boom Boom (0.536 ETH Profit in Racing 2.0) owned by Thor’s Pony Palace, Wife Changing Money (0.417 ETH Profit in Racing 2.0) owned by Alexander the Great, Lucky Bomb (0.347 ETH Profit in Racing 2.0) owned by LuckyJacks

Community Achievements

Jimi from Flaming Donkeys hit an impressive 4000 wins for the stable! 🏆

Cayenne Stables is on a rocket to the top! 1000 wins on the platform 🤯

Young Gun Stables reached a massive 3000 stable wins! 🥇

Bloodstock Cartel racked up 3000 wins and over 5 ETH profit on ZED RUN! 

🔥 JIGL 🔥 had an eventful week on the track! Securing their first tournament gold medal as well as hitting 1000 wins! 🤯

Caldi’s Cavalry chalked up their 3000th win on the track this week!


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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