ZED RUN Metaverse Cup Challenges

October 14, 2022
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We’re running our very own ZED RUN Metaverse Cup extravaganza bringing some excitement to the racetracks.

Interactive ZED RUN Metaverse Cup

The ZED RUN Metaverse Cup is interactive, meaning the outcomes of the tournament in Qatar will have an impact on the ZED RUN Metaverse Cup.

There are three key stages - the Group Stage, the Knockout Stage, and the Final. After the Group Stage, 16 of the 32 teams are knocked out of the competition, and of course after the Knockout Stage only two teams make it to the Final. The ZED RUN Metaverse Cup challenge will replicate this approach.

Your ZED RUN Metaverse Cup skin entitles you to compete in various challenges, but the further your team gets in the real world tournament, the more challenges you can compete in. For example, if your team gets knocked out in the Group Stage, then you won’t be able to compete in the Knockout Stage challenge (unless you buy a new skin that is eligible of course).

Team Challenges

Group Stage Challenge #1 - The ZED Token Team Podiums

For the first Group Stage Challenge, all 32 skins are eligible, and it’s all about podiums. Be part of the team that finishes with the most podiums and you’ll win $100 USD and 500 ZED Tokens. It runs from 12am UTC November 20 - 12am UTC December 3.

Group Stage Challenge #2 - Team 4th Place Finishes

For the second Group Stage Challenge, all 32 skins are eligible once again, but this time it’s all about finishing 4th. If your team finishes with the most 4th place finishes, you’ll win $50 USD. It runs from 12am UTC November 20 - 12am UTC December 3.

Knockout Stage Challenge - The ZED Token Team Time Trials

For the second Knockout Stage Challenge, only the 16 skins representing the countries that progressed from the tournament in Qatar are eligible. If you’re eligible, then you’ll be competing in team time trials to win $150 USD and 1,000 ZED Tokens. It runs from 12am UTC December 3 - 12am UTC December 15.

ZED RUN World Cup Final Challenge - ZED Token Team 1v1s

For the ZED RUN Metaverse Cup Final Challenge, only the two skins representing the two countries in the real tournament are eligible. Those who are eligible will be put into custom 1v1 races to help determine the overall ZED RUN Metaverse Cup winning team, earning each team member $250 USD, and 1000 ZED Tokens.

The Final challenge takes place on December 18 UTC.

Individual Awards

Solo Challenge #1 - The Footium Golden Foal Challenge

The Footium Golden Foal Challenge is brought to you by our friends over at Footium - an NFT football management game. We’re proud to welcome them as partners for this challenge, which offers both monetary prizes and Footium NFT rewards. It takes place from 12am November 20 UTC - 12am December 19 UTC.

Solo Challenge #2 - The Human Park Golden Hoof Challenge

We’ve also partnered with Human Park to bring you the The Human Park Golden Hoof Challenge. You win ZED RUN races by, well…winning, so this one’s all about wins! As well as monetary prizes, there are NFT rewards on offer from Human Park. It takes place from 12am November 20 UTC - 12am December 19 UTC.

Solo Challenge #3 - The Anomura Young Racer Challenge

Our third solo challenge is in conjunction with Anomura. Just as the best young player at the World Cup is recognised, we want to appreciate the best young racers hitting the ZED RUN racetracks. Monetary prizes are on offer, as well as NFTs from Anomura. It takes place from 12am November 20 UTC - 12am December 19 UTC.

For all the details about team and individual challenges, including eligibility, objective, winner confirmation and prizes, head to the guide.

ZED RUN Metaverse Cup Racetrack

As part of our ZED RUN Metaverse Cup event, we’ll have a special themed racetrack to celebrate the tournament. The track will go live on 14 November at midnight UTC, coinciding with the reveal of the ZED RUN Metaverse Cup skins.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the Metaverse Cup track, because all the ZED RUN challenges throughout the tournament will take place here.

Important Challenge Rules

Let’s clarify a few key questions about how it’s all going to work.

Which races are counted towards the challenges?

For a race to count towards a challenge, it must fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Your racehorse must be wearing a Metaverse Cup skin
  • It must be a paid race
  • It must be run on the Metaverse Cup racetrack

Can the same team win both of the Group Stage challenges?

No, the same team can’t win both Group Stage challenges, so the priority will go to Group Stage Challenge #1 in the case of the same team winning both, meaning the second place team in Group Stage Challenge #2 would win.

How does the ZED RUN World Cup work with lending / borrowing?

As borrowers are not able to attach or remove skins from racehorses, all prizes will be awarded to the owner of the racehorse. However, borrowers can still race any racehorses they borrow with Metaverse Cup skins attached, and these races will count towards the various challenges.

Can I participate in challenges by entering free races?

Only paid races will count for all skin-gated challenges during this campaign.

How are teams allocated for the team challenges?

The 32 teams competing in the team challenges are determined by the different skins. For example, if you own a France skin, you are teaming up with every other stable owner who has a France skin — there are 50 of each Metaverse Cup Skin, so if all Metaverse Cup Skins are used, there will be 50 racehorses per team.

If I own two different skins, which team am I on?

Both! Your team is determined on a racehorse-level, not a stable-level. If you own two racehorses, one with the English skin, and the other with a Ghana skin, each racehorse's results will be contributing to the England and Ghana teams respectively.

If I use the same Metaverse Cup Skin on multiple racehorses for the same challenge, will all their races count?

Only the racehorse with the Metaverse Cup Skin attached to it last will have their races counted.

If I buy a Metaverse Cup Skin in the middle of a team challenge, can I still compete?

Yes! As long as your racehorse has a Metaverse Cup Skin attached to it at the end of a challenge period, that racehorse's results will still count.

If I sell a Metaverse Cup skin, will my races still be counted towards the individual awards?

If you sell your World Cup skin during a challenge and the new owner races with it, your races will not count. If the new owner doesn't race with it by the end of the challenge, then your racehorse's races will still count.

If I use multiple countries' Metaverse Cup skins on the same racehorse, will all their races be counted for individual awards?

No — if a racehorse races twice with a Senegal Metaverse Cup skin and twice with a South Korea Metaverse Cup skin, only the races with the last skin it wore will count.

Head to the ZED RUN Metaverse Cup page to find out more about the event, and ZED RUN Guide for details of the challenges.

* We are neither endorsed by, nor have any official connection with, the World Cup, FIFA, or participating countries or sponsors of the 2022 World Cup.


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