ZED RUNdown Edition 100

December 16, 2023
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Celebrating A Century: ZED RUNdown is 100!

12 Days of ZEDmas: Off to a great start

Meet the ZED Headz: This week ft. NO VANITY ☠️ 🐎

Winner’s Circle: Legendary Moments

ZED RUN Trivia: Top Five Q4 Stables Trivia 

Celebrating 100 Editions of ZED RUNdown!

Guess what? We've hit the BIG 1-0-0 and we're ready to celebrate! This isn't just another edition; it's a high-speed trip down memory lane and some seriously legendary moments.

Join us as we revisit some heart-pounding highlights that have made ZED RUNdown your go-to weekly read.

12 Days of ZEDmas

The 12 Days of ZEDmas event is off to a great start, with mares, Szabos, and Genesis horses already competing for $ZED and stunning skins! 

Looking ahead, we've got colts, stallions, and fillies, along with bred racehorses, gearing up for their own share of excitement in upcoming paid races and Sit and Go tournaments.

As we continue the festive fun, stables are vying for the top spots in the New Traditions and Holiday Nostalgia challenges, all with eyes on the prized Reindeer Skin. Stay updated on your progress with the ZEDmas leaderboard

Want to join in? Grab an Elf, Frost, or Gingerbread skin from Opensea and head over to our guide for details on the next set of challenges.

Meet the ZED Headz - No Vanity

Stable Name: NO VANITY ☠️ 🐎

Discord: Therealpushinp & Yoyo

ZED RUN Origin Story

The origin of NO VANITY starts with two small time ZED RUN grinders. Doing what it took to make a few bucks. Pushinp noticed Yoyo was spamming the same under 5% win rate races. Pushinp would constantly ask Yoyo to join the same races. We made a few deals with each other, Pushinp helped Yoyo get a stuck horse out of stud and eventually we decided to start a joint stable together, which is how NO VANITY was born. As time went on we slowly ended operations with our individual stable and solely focused on their joint stable as a team. We focus on working with people in the ZED community to make deals and breeds happen. The biggest disagreement between us is who bred the better 3.0, Pushinp with Carbon Analysis or Yoyo with Ferrari Girl's Girl!

Favourite part of ZED RUN

Breeding and obviously winning races. VAR is the way to go. Fun to work on breeds with VAR and fun to win races and tournaments with VAR!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

Do your research! Learn all about what makes up a horse with Variance, Distance Preference, and Base Ability. Then get advice and guidance from people who have been playing the game for a long time. Tons of people are willing to help new users, so make sure to ask in the ZED Discord! Try to join a Discord channel started by ZED users e.g., Zed Hustle!


Speaking of Zed Hustle. There is big news! In collaboration with Zedge (huge shout out for all their work!), Zed Hustle is putting on a community tournament! A variance tournament for 3.0s only with a scoring system that includes bonuses for time gaps! Another huge shout out goes to ZED RUN for juicing the tournament via ZED Grants and designing the five one-of-one Variance Skins in different colours for the winners! More details to be announced soon!

Winner’s Circle - Legendary Moments

Back in November, we asked you to share stories about your most memorable victories and the horses that made them happen. Thanks to everyone who responded. If you missed out but would like to share your cherished ZED RUN memories, moments, or even have suggestions for future editions, email us at hello@zed.run

In the meantime, enjoy this trip down memory lane:

JRR Token@jrrtoken

When me and @roroallday were showing off our precious Starchild to friends in a NYC street with AR. Our photo of us posing with our winner made it into a CBS News segment on #ZedRun and #P2E

Veggie Dave // Champ Factory @ChampFactory

March 29, 2022, my z10 Nak elite C3 Universal Truth crushed a KOW tourney sprint final by >2 seconds vs. a field including C1 killers Starman and Kaus. The 1.0 ZED lottery-roll breeding was EPIC and variance remains by far the most exciting feature of this game, IMO.  #vargang

Turf Athletics™ @TurfAthletics

I won like 1.5e in a Class 1 Maiden with a legendary bute right after y'all let Facundo rug the BA out of all the Nakamotos. I guess that was cool.

MangoIceStables @MangoIceStables

I started ZED about 2.5 years ago. At the time I was struggling to pay rent and only had my phone to ZED On the phone, I was able to overpay for a bunch of Chartreuse Genny and race a bit.

Joe from @_ZombieRacing was launching the Zombie Racing Club event (12 weeks of tournaments) and as would become a pattern in ZED, I escalated my entries steadily until I had 25 tokens maybe by the start.

Somehow, I met @HEROin_75 in ZED discord, looking to make ZRC team with noobs. We teamed up and in week six, suddenly we hit three massive podiums and won around $5,000! Phantom Pacer, our favourite horse then and still, won the most.

I was able to buy a laptop with the winnings @HEROin_75 generously split. Shortly after as a jockey for @LuckyJackamoto. I won a high-end gaming computer as the grand prize for 1st in @ MetaVerseGaming's Moscato Cup.  

Thank you @SilverKnightPCs! From there, I won many NASCAR and Budweiser challenges, often with horses owned by @Stanley_Studios and TISH.

We took down the grand prize with F in the Chat for Talladega Cup (HEROin won with Phantom Pacer too) So we had two of the six stables to win a pair of VIP tickets to a big @NASCAR race! Stanley's high-variance pacers took down all the Nascar time challenges for us in Stango...

NASCAR and Bud we continued to escalate entries culminating with 51 passes burned for our current team, and about $10,000 in combined winnings in the season finale last week.

A win we are very proud of is five perfect scores in for @SangudoStables ZED Community Cup for charity!

The Sacred Breeding Place @_SacredPlace

This 👇

With this horse, nothing feels impossible. Truly makes it worthwhile to log in each day. ❤️

Blockchain Bloodline @Konigreich_Ent

There's been plenty of memorable moments but one that I really enjoyed was our horse "Vital Ambition" picking up best Cross in an LJ Maiden Tournament. Qualifying went all week and led into weekend finals and it came down to the very last race. Read it here: Vital Ambition Wins Best Cross.

Eureka Stables @continuum99

Oh yes the victory of winning my first maiden GF. 🏆

Jounin @jounin__

One of the most memorable isn't a race it was responding to a person offering art for a horse, I gave a horse not expecting anything then got back what I've been using as my Twitter cover and stable logo ever since.🍻

My real best win, been so long though... an when they first finally started daily class-based tourneys which then ended shortly after...☹️

RorkaRacing.eth @RorkaRacing

The Glory Days

club cro @4svqktywkt

🏆 Best meme coin in history 💚🐸💚

ZED RUN Top Five Stables Trivia

Join us for the 100th Edition of ZED RUN Trivia, where we spotlight the top five stables by net profit in Q4 of 2023. 

Can you match these stables to their rank and earnings?

  1. #1 - $24,930 USD Profit
  2. #2 - $19,106 USD Profit
  3. #3 - $18,105 USD Profit
  4. #4 - $17,481 USD Profit
  5. #5 - $16,934 USD Profit

Last Week’s Answers: 

  1. Epitaph
  2. Lucky Nugget
  3. Trashy Destiny
  4. Country Gold
  5. Nut Smack

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