ZED RUNdown Edition 123

June 15, 2024
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The Power Of Partnership:  Iceberg Maiden Syndicate

Sit and Go Shakeup: The update you've been waiting for

Season One: Your vote helped shape it!

Genesis Flash Tourney: Fun times for OGs

New Leadership: Welcome Nick Ciesinski joins ZED RUN as Head of Product

Winner’s Circle: Tournament victories, stable milestones and more!

RUNdown Trivia: Putting what you've read to the test

The Iceberg Maiden Syndicate: Breeding Success in ZED RUN

ZED RUN recently spoke with Jake from Iceberg Racing about the rapidly growing Iceberg Maiden Syndicate. This initiative has become popular within the community, offering unique opportunities for breeders and racers.

The idea started two maiden races ago, inspired by changes in game mechanics—minimum breed fees and reduced owner percentage rebates. Having previously run a successful Legends League syndicate, selling nine shares of 10% in his three horses. Encouraged by this success and a suggestion from Jamie of LJT Racing, Jake launched the first maiden syndicate just hours before the event. With only 12 hours to market it on X, 70% of the shares were sold. They nearly won a final, finishing second in the Class II sprint funnel. The positive response led to ongoing improvements and meticulous planning for future syndicates.

Syndicate Performance and Stats

- Month 1 Qualification Rate: 61.9%

- Month 2 Qualification Rate: 73.33%

- Best Finish: Second place in the Class II sprint funnel by "Maiden Roulette 20"

- Top Performing Horse: "Maiden Roulette 4"

How the Syndicate Works

Purchasing a share ensures an equal split of maiden rewards across all horses. The number of shares match the horses bred for the maiden, guaranteeing each member at least one horse post-finals. Horses are distributed via a "duck race" seeded with odds data. Bonus prizes include additional horses and a free entry into the next syndicate for the member whose horse earns the most ETH during the finals.

How to Join

The syndicate launched a token system on Opensea for purchasing shares. Currently, five shares remain out of 24. If you're interested, head to Opensea and be part of the excitement.

Sit and Go Changes Have Arrived

We've made adjustments to the Sit and Go lobby which is something we'll continue to do as we see changes in volume and feedback. Here’s what’s new:

$1 and a Dream

  • 48 Horses in All Classes: Reduced to streamline races.
  • Class 2: Entry fee increased to '$2.50 and a Dream'.
  • Class 1: Entry fee increased to '$5 and a Dream'.

1v1 Me

  • 8 Horses in Classes 3-6: More intense competition
  • Adjusted Payouts: Higher rewards for the final race

Hybrid Training

  • Class 1 (Level 501-700): Open hybrid training added

<5% Paid Winners

  • New Format: For horses with <5% win rates
  • 24 Horses, 2 Rounds, 12 Gates: Top 6 advance
  • Winner Takes All: Final round payout

Season One - Votes Are In

Thank you to everyone who voted in Discord for their preferred layouts of Heats for Season One. The runaway winner was five, three-day heats, with $4,000 USD prize pools in ZED Tokens.

This means there will be two heats for horses under 100 races, two heats for horses under 250 races, and one heat for horses under 500 races. This layout gives us 60 Grand Final qualifiers in total as the top 12 qualifiers are taken from each heat.

Genesis Flash Tourney Race

Restricted to Genesis horses, the tourney ran from June 13-14 UTC. Featuring paid, 12-gate Open Class races with Formula Z scoring. Over the two days, the O.G. horses competed across distances of 1400m, 2000m, culminating in 2600m finals.  

Congrats to the top 3 finishers who will claim a share of the prize pool valued at USD 1,500 in $ZED.

Welcome - Nick Ciesinski, Head of Product 

We are excited to announce that Nick Ciesinski has joined Virtually Human Studio as our new Head of Product. Nick brings a wealth of experience as a product leader with a proven track record of success at Aurory, AppLovin and Big Fish.

Nick's expertise in the Web3 space, particularly his achievements at Aurory, a pioneering Web3 gaming platform, will be invaluable as we innovate and enhance the ZED RUN experience.

As Head of Product, Nick will play a pivotal role in leading the product development roadmap and overseeing the product lifecycle from ideation and development to launch and post-launch optimisation.

“Nick's passion for innovation, web3 and his deep understanding of user needs make him a valuable asset to our team. We are confident that under his leadership, ZED RUN will push boundaries and reach new heights.” Nir Efrat, CEO, Virtually Human Studio. “Please join me in welcoming Nick to VHS!”

Winner’s Circle 

Congrats to “Last Day of Summer” bringing home the goods for Blockchain Bloodline in the C2 Mids! 

An epic 400 wins for Mr Oats and Cherry Oats of Fire!! 

🌯Khaoz// XP on Deck //🌯is on fire!! Never underestimate a test run, right?!

ZED RUNdown Trivia

What was the best finish achieved by a horse from the Iceberg Maiden Syndicate?

  1. First place in the Class I sprint funnel
  2. Second place in the Class II sprint funnel
  3. Third place in the Class III sprint funnel
  4. Second place in the Class III sprint funnel

What is the qualification rate for the Iceberg Maiden Syndicate in the second month?

  1. 50%
  2. 61.9%
  3. 73.33%
  4. 80%

How many heats will there be for horses under 100 races in Season One?

  1. One heat
  2. Two heats
  3. Three heats
  4. Four heats

What is the total number of Grand Final qualifiers in Season One?

  1. 50
  2. 60
  3. 70
  4. 80

Who is the new Head of Product at Virtually Human Studio?

  1. Jamie from LJT Racing
  2. Jake from Iceberg Racing
  3. Nick Ciesinski
  4. John Doe

Which companies has he previously worked for?

  1. Aurory, AppLovin, and Big Fish
  2. ZED RUN, AppLovin, and Amazon
  3. Big Fish, Aurory, and Google
  4. AppLovin, Big Fish, and Facebook

Last week’s answers: 

Neptune - d. Absolute Zero

Earth - f. Dark Lava

Wild - b. Space Sparkle

Moon - e. Alabaster

Fiery - g. Fuzzy Wuzzy

Classic - a. Desert Sand

Mystical - c. Fiery Rose


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