ZED RUNdown Edition 3

Ryan Yousefi
January 22, 2022
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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the third installment of the ZED RUNdown!

As the great Lou Brown, fiction baseball manager in the classic comedy Major League once astutely pointed out – winning twice in a row is nice, but three in a row is considered a “winning streak”. And it has happened before.

With that being said, it’s been a historic week at ZED RUN, so let’s keep this winning streak alive and get right into covering all our bases in another hard-hitting recap of all the ZED RUN fun.


This past week was a special one at ZED RUN, as we celebrated our millionth race on the platform! While the next million race mile-marker will undoubtedly come faster than the first, our journey from zero to one million will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

In case you missed it, the team put together the video above to celebrate the occasion. If you were one of the twelve stable owners to participate in the millionth race, congratulations! Our team will soon reach out with a special souvenir to commemorate your participation in ZED RUN history.

Tournament Tracker

Congratulations to the Fibonacci Cup 4.0 tournament champions! Winners took home a combined $106,000 prize pool, with Tournament A awarded $74,000 USD, and Tournament B pulling in $32,000 USD.

The Maiden Stakes 2.0 qualifying round is now open, with the tournament concluding on January 26th. All tournament details can always be found in the ZED RUN Guide. Following the Maiden Stakes 2.0, there will be a short break in tournament action as the team works to roll out new updates in February. More on that later in this post.

Community Feedback

As we continue to work towards bringing racehorse retirement to ZED RUN, the UX team is working behind the scenes on ensuring the addition of this feature is a positive one that improves user experience. To gather a bit more data, the team posted a Twitter poll this week asking the community how many racehorses they estimate they will be retiring once the option is available to them.

Feedback on racehorse retirement is helping shape our plans, as a reward element connected to retiring a racehorse is expected. Stable owners can expect to see this feature rolled out in line with the Q2 timeline provided in our ZED RUN the Future: 2022 roadmap. In the meantime, we’re finishing up designing the retirement interface and plan for prototype testing.

Roadmap & Product Roundup

From the people who brought you the ZED RUNdown, we’re pleased to present to you the Product Roundup, starring Product Comms extraordinaire, Dan Steeden! The Product Roundup is our latest effort to deliver additional insights on roadmap and product updates.

TL;DRWe heard you, and product updates are increasing in both frequency and detail.

Creative Corner

Welcome to Windmill Island! ZED RUN’s Creative team recently teased the release of a new industrialised windmill-lined racetrack, and now we have an even bigger sneak peek into this beautiful racing wonderland. Keep an eye out for this racetrack in a queue near you in early February.

Introducing: Time Warp

How many times have you wished you could just fast-forward to a specific moment in a ZED RUN 3D replay that you wanted to quickly relive, but instead had to sit through the first 1200 meters to get to the good stuff? Have you ever wanted to watch that racehorse ‘kick’ that won you the race by a nose over and over again?

Well, guess what — we’re adding the capability to do all those things with a brand new time warp feature that will allow you to skip around a replay to wherever your heart desires, as many times as you choose.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a huge difference. This is something our community has consistently asked for, and will soon receive.

ZED RUN: In the News

  • Forbes ICYMI, ‘The NFT Market Is Exploding And Women Are Taking Charge’ shouts out ZED RUN as the prime example of an NFT that provides utility. We love the last sentence, especially.
  • TokenHell talks up ZED RUN as a top Play2Earn NFT game

Community Tools

When it comes to creating tools that make the game a better place, the ZED RUN community is second to none. ZEDRacer.com is just the latest example of our community taking the ZED RUN product and well, running with it.

Everything from tournament recaps, leaderboards, and live stable dashboards can be found all in one well put together spot at ZEDRacer.com.

Top Sales

It may not have been the biggest sale of the week, but the sale of the iconic ZED RUN racehorse Steph Curry was definitely the loudest showstopper! When a legendary racehorse changes hands, our community takes notice.

Catch sales like this purchase of the well-known Z13 Elite Buterin Stallion by the Archibald Royal Family stable and all the top sales by following @zedsalesbot on Twitter.

RacehorseBreed/BloodlineETH/USD time of sale
One Cool ScorpionZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Colt12ETH / $38,682.18
Super SnoutZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion8.9ETH / $29,017.16
Steph Curry Z13 Elite Buterin Stallion4ETH / $13,266.02
Use By DateZ3 Szabo Genesis Colt3.8ETH / $12,011.77
Cold FrenzyZ2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion3.75ETH / $11,873.89

Content Creators

Calling all Women of ZED, this one’s for you! PonyPlug Stable Duelz: Queen Edition kicks off with a bracket-style tournament, featuring a who’s who of women-led ZED RUN stables facing off in a best of three.

Tune in to the stream, and remember to catch Pony Plug and an assortment of ZED RUN all stars who will also be part of the Commentator Contest festivities planned over on BotLady’s Twitch.

The Moscato Cup continues to run live until 2 February, each Wednesday on Metaverse Gaming’s Twitch. Catch the tournament details on how to compete and enter for giveaways here.

Social Spotlight

Roman Tirone gave us all a glimpse into his unboxing of a ridiculously cool product made by the team over at CryptoCollectibles365. These crypto cards are tabbed as an LCD for your NFT. What a perfect fit for your office desk to hold you over until you get back home to race.

(But we all know you’re racing at work, too).

A massive shoutout to the Mount Sac Junior College Baseball Team in Walnut, California! We love the vibes. You’ve picked up some new fans around the world, specifically in Australia. BTM Racing Stables is a member of the team and has promised they’ll be posting a boatload of ZED RUN content in the future. Give them a follow!

Every day, we see new videos and images capturing your experience with ZED RUN, and this fuels not just the team but the community worldwide. Your level of excitement is contagious and personifies exactly what we see as the future of ZED RUN entertainment. Keep sharing and let’s grow together.


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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