ZED RUNdown Edition 40

October 8, 2022
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ZED Knights: Friday Night Metaverse Massacre returns

Monday Night Mayhem: Recap of this week's MNM

Buterin Exclusive+: Purebred Buterin event hosted by ZED Chateaux w/ Zed University

Maiden Stakes Recap: biweekly Maiden tournament with Fibonacci

Z1 Racing Team Merch: Early access now open!

ZED RUN Opens Stable Doors: Farewell to Mike from Hero Krapht Stables

In the News: Chris Ebeling, Anomura Twitter Spaces, Divi Crypto Podcast 

Community Achievements: Grand Cru, Astro Farms, Folly Farm, and Jounin celebrate stable milestone

ZED Knights: Friday Knight Metaverse Massacre Returns

Last Friday, Knights of Degen and ZED RUN collaborated on the first edition of ZED Knights, featuring hosts JiggaPorto, Pony Zook, and Doughboy!

This collab will be a weekly broadcast that summarises the latest highlights and community news from the ZED RUNdown, as well as offering a place for people to discuss, and give feedback on the newest in gameplay.

Additionally, there will be a Blitz Tourney, prizes, and giveaways to participate in. If you’ve been looking for a way to watch and listen to the RUNdown while having some community fun, ZED Knights has you covered! The first episode can be watched here, be sure to subscribe for more!

Monday Night Mayhem #2

This week marked the third Retro Week and second round of Monday Night Mayhem, where 12 random racehorses made the finals in each distance funnel, and faced off for a chance to win part of an $5400 total prize pool ($1800 per funnel), plus a $200 prize to 9th place in each race. The lucky winners are listed below. Be sure to tune in for the third Monday Night Mayhem next week!

Sprinter: Ancient Emerald | NakamotosOnly

Midrunner: Elite Element | Crystal River Stables

Marathoner: Volatile Artist | Arbitrage Racing

Buterin Exclusive+ - Double Up Format

Last Tuesday an exciting community creator event took place. Hosted by Zed Chateaux, the Buterin Exclusive+ was a custom conditional where the only racehorses allowed to enter were purebred Buterin Exclusives, Elites, Crosses, or Pacers.

The Double Up format allowed a few stables to claim their share of the prize pool, including the following stable owners below who finished in first place:

1000m: Hey Mumbo | CRT Racing |Watch it here

1600m: Mr Fun | Gold Conditional | Watch it here 

2600m: Galactic Admiral | Chateaux Jockey Club | Watch it here

Congratulations to all! Keep an eye out for other events hosted by Chateaux, follow him on Twitter here, and tune into ZED University every Wednesday at 3pm EDT on YouTube.

Maiden Stakes Recap

This week, we had our biweekly Maiden tournament with Fibonacci scoring. The following strategic breeders won the finals:

Sprinters A: Super Secret Blood | Mr & Mrs Roid Rager

Sprinters B: Routine Work | Rocket Science Ranch

Midrunners A: Oneiros | Velos Racing

Midrunners B: Insane God | Riboville Racing

Marathoners A: The Silent Sister | Sprocket’s Big Stable

Marathoners B: Star Riffle | Samwise Stables

Congrats winners! And for everyone else, save your best un-raced breeds for the next Maiden Stakes.

Exclusive Early Access for NASCAR Pass Holders to Z1 Racing Team Merch!

Composed of six racehorse tees, the Z1 Racing Team Collection shows off the best of each bloodline from the stable.

During the exclusive early access period, NASCAR Pass holders will receive discounts on this new line of ZED RUN merch, and be able to purchase the collection for $9.99 USD plus free shipping.

The merchandise store will be open until 10pm, Monday 10 October UTC. All you need to do is log in to zed.run with the wallet you hold your NASCAR Pass in, and claim.

ZED RUN Opens Stable Doors

This past week, longtime ZEDder Mike of Hero Krapht Stables ran his final ZED race, leaving behind the realm of digital racehorses for real equines! 

Mike began his ZED RUN journey over a year ago, and soon began developing informative videos and other content on YouTube under the well-known Hero Krapht name, with the motto “Where Anyone Can Become A Hero.”

“At its basics, Hero Krapht is about living life in a way that you find your own version of success.” - Mike, Hero Krapht Stables

A core part of the Hero Krapht brand is a strong philosophy that we should live life by discovering and pursuing our personal passions through being honest with ourselves. So when Mike had his first opportunity to spend quality time with real horses in April, he had to be honest with himself; he was “instantly hooked”, igniting a new passion.

After many months volunteering and learning at a farm animal rescue, Mike has decided to step away from the Web3 space, and dedicate his all to pursuing his newfound passion. We’re incredibly excited to see his future and watch his journey unfold, and we’re proud of the role ZED RUN has played, both as a game and community, in leading him to this path.

Good luck and farewell, Mike!

In the News

On this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, host Steve McGarry is joined by Chris Ebeling, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Virtually Human Studio (VHS).

Chris talks about ZED RUN, and the inspiration behind doing a digital horse racing game. He also discusses the importance of education, and how projects like ZED RUN can help those who are unfamiliar with this industry and technology, and his excitement around the innovative projects the team at VHS are building.

Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3SFVmGH

Listen on iTunes: https://apple.co/3SW7ins

Anomura TwitterSpaces

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Chris Ebeling spoke with Anomura and Human Park about Virtually Human Studio games portfolio, metatainment, diversity to reach a wider audience and true interoperability between our projects. 

Community Achievements

Congratulations to Grand Cru Stud, Astro Farms, Folly Farm, and Jounin for hitting 1k-3k wins on the platform this week. First place in a race is no easy feat, so to have stable owners hit these incredible milestones weekly makes our day here at ZED RUN. Keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to the next thousand!

Grand Cru Stud 3k wins

Astro Farms 2k wins

Folly Farm 2k wins

Jounin 1k wins


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