ZED RUNdown Edition 53

January 21, 2023
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Birthday Bonanza: Mint date approaches

ZED Knights: Thursday Nights, Stable Duelz, Prizes

Beat the Beasts: Two day community tournament kicks off this Tuesday

Daily Tournament: Weekly Fibonacci and 3 Day Keep On Winning recap

Newly ZEDs: Borrowing a Racehorse 

Meet the ZED Headz: LJT Racing

Community Achievements: Dastardly Dastard, Eureka Stables, and Flaming Donkeys hitting stable goals

Birthday Bonanza

Celebrations of ZED RUN’s 4th Birthday are just about winding down. We’re gathering up all the wrapping paper, admiring the gifts, and getting ready to slump into a nice warm bath. 

Congratulations if you managed to run in four races on our birthday - you’ll be eligible to mint a ZED RUN Birthday skin for free! The mint will be available for 48 hours, starting 12am UTC, January 23.

For more details, head to the webpage.

ZED Knights 

If you missed this Thursday's stream - make sure to tune in to see DoughBoy215, Zook, Sangudo Stables and Arbitrage Racing talk all things ZED and go head to head in custom 1v1 races.

Make sure to tune in every Thursday, 8pm ET.

Who's Your Pick to Beat the Beasts?

The Beat the Beasts tournament has been designed by McGuineas Racing to give ZED Headz the opportunity to race some of the game’s best racehorses. With the generous support of stables in the ZED RUN community, the best of the best have been made available for entrants to race over two days.

The draft will be streamed live on Avon Fields' stream from 11 AM AEST on Tuesday January 24. Check out the draft order and racing pools.

Click here for tourney overview.

Daily Tournament Recap

Our weekly Fibonacci tournament concluded on Sunday, January 15, and many stable owners have trotted away with earnings! For the B brackets that didn’t fill, custom races were created and took place on Thursday so participants didn’t miss out on the action. 

This week, a 3-day Keep on Winning tournament took place from January 16-18. Ten paid races were required for qualification with a $40,000 prize pool up for grabs!

Join us in Discord here to stay up-to-date on Friday's Flash Tournaments and our upcoming XP Showdown Weekend!

Newly ZEDs Game Basics - Borrowing a Racehorse from the Lending Marketplace

Borrowing a ZED RUN racehorse can be a great way of getting started in the game before diving straight in and buying your own. Here’s a quick summary of how to borrow a racehorse from the Lending Marketplace:

  1. Visit https://zed.run/marketplace/borrow to borrow a racehorse.

  1. Sign into your stable (if you haven’t already).

  1. You can view five horses in the marketplace at a time. If you don’t see any you like, you can refresh for five new options.

  1. Click ‘Borrow Racehorse’ and confirm the transaction with your Metamask, Torus or Coinbase wallet.

  1. The racehorse should arrive in your stable within 10-15 minutes, and you can run it in free or paid races.

  1. The racehorse will remain in your stable for four days from time of borrowing. You may not return it early and you may only borrow one racehorse at a time.

Note: This quick guide relates only to the Lending Marketplace, which is a good starting point for newer players. You can also borrow racehorses directly from other players. Join the Discord to start building relationships with other ZED RUN players.

Check out our full borrowing guide here: https://guide.zed.run/zed-run-guide/lending/about.

Meet the ZED Headz - LJT Racing 

Stable Name: LJT Racing

Discord: Jamie_LJT_Racing#6750

ZED RUN Origin Story

LJT Racing is made up of three friends who originally bought into ZED in July 2021. We started out buying a Buterin Genesis UU that was horrible but have been hooked ever since. 18 months feels like a lifetime in ZED RUN, but we have always worked on improving the stable.

Adding Cutie Cult and part owning Scoop Dogg meant we got the opportunity to compete against the best daily and was a game changer for us! 

Favourite part of ZED RUN?

Outside of the amazing people I have met from the community, currently my favourite part is the off-platform tournaments being run by the community. A few highlights have included the 1 vs 1 showdown from Danshan and his team of organisers/streamers, the Lucky Jack tournaments which are always so unique, the ZedRacer International teams event and the upcoming McGuineas Racing Beat the Beast Tournaments which gives everyone the chance to race a monster for a day! 

The off-platform tournaments are always a bit more daunting to enter, but my advice is to get involved. It really is so easy and the support from the organisers make it the most fun you can have in ZED RUN. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

It’s actually never been easier to join and to learn the game. 

My advice is to join the Discord and introduce yourself to the community. There are so many people who will lend you a nice racehorse to learn the ropes which will give you an opportunity to understand what ZED RUN is all about before you go and buy a racehorse.

ZED RUN is one of the few games where you are always learning. The biggest mistake is to join and to think you know it all, so make sure you keep an open mind and build strong networks!

For all members of the community, if you are not taking an hour a week to watch The Arbitrage Run Show with Kevin, Donkey and co, you are missing out!

Community Achievements

It’s been another eventful week for the ZED RUN community! Congratulations are in order for Dastardly Dastard, Eureka Stables, and Flaming Donkeys for hitting some incredible stable goals of 100, 1000, and 3000 wins! 

Eureka Stables: 1000 Stable Wins

Jimi from Flaming Donkeys: 3000 Stable Wins

Dastardly Dastard: 100 Stable Wins

Be sure to tag us on Twitter (@zed_run) with your next ZED milestone so we can mention you next week’s edition of the RUNdown.


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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