ZED RUNdown Edition 60

March 11, 2023
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Maiden Stakes: Record-Breaking Self-Sustained Prize Pool

Product Update: Stamina coming next week

ZED KNIGHTS: Jigga and DoughBoy hang with some VERY special guests

Women of ZED: Bella and The Crypto Wife Break Barriers and Blaze Trails

Meet the ZED Headz: Smiley Joe Lear

ZED Emoji Trivia: Put your knowledge to the test

Community Achievements: Celebrating milestones for BigBeard, Mamba Forever and Appalachian Acres

Top Racehorse Sales: Into Space, Toot Boot, Aqua Finney, Stormbound

Record-Breaking Self-Sustained Prize Pool at ZED RUN's Maiden Stakes

ZED RUN's Maiden Stakes successfully wrapped up the second event with the new format! For the first time in ZED RUN's history the prize pool was completely self-sustained through the treasury split of Breeding Fees leading up to the tournament. With a whopping $55,000 USD prize pool, some racehorses and stable owners took home over $2,000 USD in prizes.

The qualifying changes made for a more competitive tournament and stable owners enjoyed the most representative Maiden Stakes yet. A big congrats to all the winners!

New Stamina System Update: Get Ready for a Simplified Racing Experience

A new and improved stamina system is coming to ZED RUN next week! The update is aimed at improving the competitive experience for all racehorses, and we've got the details for you here:

What's New?

From next week, every paid or free race will cost one stamina, which will only be deducted from your racehorse once the race has run successfully. All racehorses will have a maximum of eight stamina, and can recover one stamina point every three hours. Stamina will no longer affect racing performance; it will only determine how frequently a racehorse can participate in races.

Impact on Stable Owners

All stable owners will find their racehorses' current stamina bars replaced with a new eight-bar stamina, fully charged and ready to race.

But wait, there's more...

We're also working on a new feature called Recovery Rate, which will influence the stamina recovery time of racehorses based on the number of races they participate in, creating new opportunities for all racehorses!

For more details, head to our Guide.

ZED KNIGHTS with special guests: ZAB JUDAH and Smiley Joe

The challengers were accepted but the outcome was one that no-one anticipated. This champ has SUPER P O W E R S! Get in on the action, this is one episode you will not want to miss.

Join ZED KNIGHTS live every Thursday at 8pm ET.

Women of ZED - Celebrating Our Badass Women

Last Wednesday, March 8 was International Women's Day so we took some time to celebrate some of the amazing women making waves in ZED RUN by sitting down with Bella and TheCryptoWife to talk about their experiences in ZED RUN and what advice they have for women looking to get racing.

Join us in celebrating these badass women and their contributions to the ZED RUN community! Head to the blog and read our chats with TheCryptoWife and Bella.

Meet the ZED Headz: Smiley Joe Lear

Stable name: Smiley Stables

Twitter: @SmileyJoeLear

ZED RUN Origin Story: On February 15, 2022 I purchased my first ZED RUN racehorse, NIKEDOTCOM, a Z25 Finney Elite Mare. At the time I was buying up NFT's with the names of brands I work with, to see if there might be some sort of value as Web3 grew. After 25 years of working with athletes, entertainers and brands, I am always on the lookout for the next best thing for me and my guys. So I researched ZED RUN on Youtube and fell in love with the game due to @0xEvergreen, @PoseidonRacing and @ZedChateaux.

As I always do, when I find a new gem like ZED RUN, I reached out to my network and we all started playing. Some enjoyed the game so much they sent me up to 10k USD to convert to ETH to buy a NAK2 Gen and join my stable. By this time, I had been online three months and one of the legendary stables TheRealGVG were leaving. I saw the community reaction and decided to step out of my anonymity and asked Bruce Buffer to make a goodbye video and announce several of the racehorses to show the community just how much more this game can become.

I made my first appearance on stream with Zed Chateaux where I began my campaign to create a better experience for the community. Soon after, I was at Zab Judah’s house, the Undisputed Welterweight Champ, with some friends showing them ZED RUN. Five hours later, Zab and I came up with about 20 ideas for ZED RUN. Zab bought Super Judah, tweeted his entry to the game/community and that evening I was on Zlead with DanShan telling everyone all about it. It was that interview that truly opened the door for the community to hear my thoughts for growth and ways I could help.  

Finally, on the player side, I bred a good one, Bilserk 2k. Once we hit the track, my level of happiness and enjoyment has gone through the roof. For an entire year, I have admired certain stables and racehorses. Now I have a contender and all I care to do is beat them.

Some people race for profit, some people race to kill boredom, some people race for fun, me ….. I race for glory! 

Favourite Part of ZED RUN

My favourite part of ZED RUN is the community and Content Creators, they are my daily competition, support, friends and heart of the game.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

If you are new, I suggest you go to @ZedRunControl and also sign up for SN Pro. Ask any question in the world on Twitter or in ZED RUN Discord and you will get a plethora of help, and tell’em Smiley sent you!

ZED Emoji Trivia: The Ultimate Emoji Challenge

Think you're an ZED RUN emoji expert? Put your knowledge to the test and join the fun by guessing the racehorse names.






Last week’s answers: Candy Wrapper, I Like to Party, Thunder Flight, Super Diamond, Chocolate Fury

ZED RUN Community Achievements

Congrats to BigBeard Stables, Mamba Forever Stable and Appalachian Acres on reaching incredible ZED RUN milestones! We salute you!

BigBeard Stables - Reached $1000 in winnings with Call My Burner!

Mamba Forever Stable - Achieved 100 wins with Vino Mamba! 

Appalachian Acres - Secured their 4000th win on the platform!

Top Racehorse Sales

Here's a quick roundup of what the salesbot has been up to this week.

Into Space | Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion | 2.3 ETH

Toot Boot | Z4 Szabo Genesis Mare | 1.15 ETH

Aqua Finney | Z9 Finney Legendary Mare | 1.13 ETH

Stormbound | Z9 Buterin Genesis Mare | 0.85 ETH


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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