ZED RUNdown Edition 62

March 25, 2023
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ZED Grants:
Community Grants Program is live!

ZED Knights: Live announcement Budweiser Year of Beer

Yesports Marketplace: Bridging the gap between web2, esports + Web3 gaming 

Maiden recap: One-on-One and Winner-Take-All tournaments take place!

Budweiser Merch: Snapshot has been taken, merch store open to Pass holders

Meet the ZED Headz: Fifth Street Racing

ZED Trivia: Guess the racehorse names

Community Achievements: Craggy Island, Undercover Racing, Rednax, Turf Athletics, DK Racing

ZED Grants for Gaming Communities - Join Now!

ZED RUN Community Grants program offers funding and support for new and existing communities in the game. Participants can receive up to $10,000 in ZED RUN NFTs and ZED Token prizes, early access to new products, features, and game updates. Content creators are also eligible for rewards and recognition. Join now to take your gaming experience to the next level.

ZED Knights - Budweiser Merch plus Year of Beer Winner Announcement

This week’s show featured special guest Nicholas Sylvia, Director - NFTs, Blockchain and Metaverse at Anheuser-Busch (aka Budweiser, the King of Beers). Nick joined Doughboy and Jigga for some duck races, Bud Merch and racehorse giveaways AND announced the winner of a Year of Beer live on air!!

*** Drum rollllll … Congratulations to @AuctioneerJosh who won a year’s supply of Budweiser. Hell yeahhhhh!!!  

ZED RUN Joins Yesports Marketplace

We're thrilled to announce that ZED RUN is one of 40 Web3 gaming partners joining the Yesports Marketplace.

A trusted gateway for esports teams and Web3 game partners to connect with their loyal community and global fanbase by releasing exclusive collections, new fan experiences and rewarding fan activity.

In celebration of the marketplace launch, Yesports is hosting its first Trading Competition from March 21 to May 21, 2023 offering $8000 in prizes including USDC, NFT Packs from participating partners, and an iPad Pro. Head to the blog for more details.

Not One but TWO Maidens - Recap!

For the first time in ZED RUN history, TWO Maiden Stakes tournaments were run this week with a combined prize-pool of 75K USD. With different tournament formats catering to different styles of racehorses, players had the option to choose between running their beloved foals in the One-on-One or the Winner-Takes-All Maiden.

In addition to the 75k purse, qualifying races for the Winner-Takes-All maiden contained prize pools ranging from $2.50-$10 per race! Entrants from both tournaments were eligible to earn some extra ETH in these races with their new breeds on top of tournament winnings. 

One-on-One Maiden Stakes

Our first tournament took place on March 20-21 with a $37.5k prize pool. A First Two scoring system determined which 32 qualifiers per funnel in C1-C3 and 16 qualifiers in C4-C6 would be sent to the finals.

Following qualification, the racehorses in each bracket competed in nail-biting, 1v1 (2-racehorse) races in each round until there was one champion remaining for each class and funnel.

Winner-Take-All Maiden Stakes

Our second Maiden Stakes took place on March 22-23 with a $37.5k prize pool. Using First Two scoring as well, 18-54 qualifying racehorses per funnel were sent to the finals.

Racehorses that qualified were then sent to the finals where they competed in 6-racehorse races and the top 1-2 racehorses advanced (depending on class). 

Check out some of our stable owner's massive victories below, and keep your eyes peeled for details on the next Maiden Stakes in two weeks!

Budweiser Merchandise Pre-sale - Swag

Our exclusive Bud x ZED merch drops Friday, with early access for Budweiser Pass NFT holders. Shop the ZED RUN store starting 3/24 at 8PM ET and get a 20% discount during the pre-sale.

The merch store will be token-gated for Budweiser Pass holders only. This means that you must connect your wallet on the zed.run site, and once it is verified with the SnapShot, you will be able to access the merch store via a button located on the ‘My Stable’ page. 

Meet the ZED Headz:  Fifth St Racing

Stable Name: Fifth St Racing 

Discord: az#5494 (RON) 

Origin Story

My friends and I were sitting in a Discord chat in 2021 when one of them brought up a blockchain horse racing game he'd heard about on the radio called ZED RUN. We were instantly hooked on the idea. The tools and knowledge of the game back then was fairly limited so we all rushed to set our stables up and after a few misguided strategy sessions, we were digital racehorse owners. 

My first big brained move was to take my Z15 Legendary Buterin Obama (whose starting level is 290) up to Class 1 where she beat Billions to 3rd place in a $100 buy-in sprint and will eternally hold that 1-0 record.

Legend has it Billions is still shaking to this day from the unanimous loss and refuses to rematch while others speculate that the new improved class system prevents it from happening, we will never know. What we do know is that my love for digital horse racing was firmly established that day and continues to live on. 

Favourite part of ZED RUN

Racing others for real stakes was the part that got me hooked but meeting and collaborating with other stables to breed, strategise or just talk smack is what keeps me coming back. 

Advice to Newcomers

It's very tempting to go all in and expect to figure things out along the way but i'll always recommend a new player to take their time and find the right racehorse as you'll enjoy one good racehorse more than hundreds of duds. 

Don't be afraid to engage with the community as many will happily lend a hand and a solid racehorse, but most importantly have fun with it. 

ZED Emoji Trivia 

  1. 🇨🇳 ⚪
  2. 🐺 🥤
  3. ♨️ 💄
  4. 🔌 🧗 😡
  5. ⚰️ 🎶

Last week’s answers: Azure Fox Queen, Honeymoon Time, Shooting for the Moon, Ball of Fire, Super Banana Hammock

Community Achievements

Craggy Island Stables: Took 1st place for the 1400th time!

Undercover Racing: Reaches 2000 stable wins on ZED RUN!

Rednax Jockey Services: Hit 1000 wins on the platform!

Turf Athletics: Climbed their way to 3000 wins this week!

DK Racing: Secured their 5000th win on the tracks!


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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