ZED RUNdown Edition 64

April 8, 2023
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Recovery Rate: Now live!

Maiden Stakes: Back with a one-day event and a huge prize pool of over $60k

XP Tournaments: A new way to earn rewards and boost your XP

ZLEAD Improvements & Additions: AI Breeder & WIG now available to SN Pro users

Siderophobic: From virtual wins to real-world business

Meet the ZED Headz: Goose Gang Racing

ZED Trivia: 1v1 Specialist Edition

Community Achievements: Fried Man Farm, ZZH Racing, Glue Factory 3.0, Unholy Stables, Sweety Stables, Axis Racing

Recovery Rate - Now Live!

If you're looking to improve your racehorse's performance on the track, it's important to understand recovery rates. 

Recovery rates affect how long it takes for your racehorse to regenerate its stamina after racing. Every 250 races, a racehorse will decay its recovery rate to the next tier, so it's important to keep an eye on this stat in your racehorse's profile details.

The core effect is an increase in levelling speed across ZED RUN

Check out our Guide to learn more about how to manage your racehorse's recovery rate and keep them at peak performance on the track. 

Maiden Stakes Returns With A One Day Tournament

Get ready for the return of the Maiden Stakes on April 11, 2023, UTC as it goes back to basics! Unraced Genesis participants and any unraced bred racehorses can compete for a chance to win over $60,000 USD of prizes. 

With recovery rates now live, XP requirements dropping and top racehorses having to manage their stamina, maiden racehorses will compete against each other and other racehorses in free 12-horse races with Fibonacci Scoring. 

The top three finalists will receive payouts, and the finals will be divided into three categories based on distance. 

Remember to qualify, racehorses must race their Griffin race during the qualifying window. All qualifying races following the placement into the class system based on Level will count towards qualification. 

Don't miss out on this exciting tournament to see how your new breeds match up within their class!

Introducing XP Tournaments!

A new way to reward well-performing racehorses with massive experience point boosts! Starting April 12, 2023, free XP tournaments will operate in every class for a specific level band each day.

These tournaments will use a Fibonacci scoring system with a 5-race minimum to qualify, and the top 3 racehorses will advance to the final round. Rewards for XP tournaments will be XP multipliers that amplify the amount of XP earned based on a racehorse's finishing position.

Any tournament format can have XP bonuses as the main or additional reward, making it an XP Tournament. Get ready to boost your racehorse's XP!

For more details head to the Guide.

ZLEAD Improvements & Additions

Two major tool additions to ZLEAD were made by DanShan recently in an effort to guide users through the best way to breed and race within their stable. 

The first addition is the AI Breeder, which takes all the available racehorses within your stable and gives breeding recommendations based on the parent’s distance preference, variance, ability, and more. 

AI Breeder Tutorial

The other tool is called WIG. Here you’re able to search for any horse on the platform, and it will compile a list of horses similar in ability to it (at current or adjusted level). It displays the racehorses’ percentile across the ZED RUN universe, details, pricing information, and more. It’ll also give you an idea of where to run your horse within your specified class (E.g. “You should try racing it in Class II 1800M WTA races”).

Following the list of horses populating, you can click on a comparable horse and it will simulate a 1v1 race and give you a projected outcome.

WIG (What I Got) Tutorial

These tools are currently available for Stacked Naks Pro users. To learn more about them visit here and follow Danshan on Twitter to not miss any future developments.

Siderophobic (EXP All Day Everyday) - From Virtual Wins to Real-World Business

One of our community members announced this week that they’d used profit from their ZED RUN stable to open up their own coffee business.

Congratulations on your success Siderophobic, and we wish you and yours well in your newest endeavour!

Meet the Zedheadz: Goose Gang Racing

Stable Name: Goose Gang Racing 

Discord: Useless Present#8731 

ZED RUN Origin Story

I remember being interested in NFTs since everyone was making money hand over fist, but never really felt confident buying one since I didn't really understand their utility. Then in June 2021, I was watching a Cody Ko video where he was making fun of PFP profile pic NFTs but he mentioned ZED RUN as one of the projects that he actually likes. I was instantly hooked, and I bought my first Genesis that had like 12 odds in every race. I quickly realised how deep the game was and immediately began pivoting my stable to the best variance racehorses I could find. 

Favourite part of ZED RUN

I love the game theory aspects that ZED RUN presents, zig when others zag but only if it makes sense. Change in the game represents opportunity, and the more people realise that the more fun they can have, and the more ETH they can have as well. 

Advice to Newcomers

The first thing I would recommend is to understand the underlying traits before doing anything. BA, VAR and DP are the cornerstone of the entire game but are really hard to understand when you are just starting out. Everything becomes much clearer once you understand how the game functions, from there you can learn the market and start your stable of double-up runners for as little as $50. A snap decision in ZED RUN will almost always be wrong, so remember to take your time entering the game because it will be there when you are ready.

Make sure to subscribe to their channel here on YouTube for a beginner-friendly series on how to get started playing ZED RUN!

ZED Emoji Trivia 

A bit tougher this week, so we’ll give you a hint this time! All of the racehorses below are in the Top 100 profit leaderboard for 1v1 races courtesy of ZED Racer.

🍀 🐁

🥇 ⏱️

🤫 🎨 🌩️

🪣 🗒️

🌌 💥

Last week’s answers: Turtle Soup, The Flying Pretzel, Green Tomatoes, Royal Pickle, Power of Darkness

Community Achievements

Fried Man Farm hit 2000 wins on the racetrack!

Brandon from ZZH Racing bred a $20 racehorse and earned over 5x that in profit!

Glue Factory 3.0 crossed the finish line in 1st place for the 2000th time!

Unholy Stables racked up 1000 wins on the platform!

Sweety Stables hit the lucky 3333 wins for their ZED RUN stable this week!

Axis Racing reached the 1500 win mark!


Join the Fun

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