ZED RUNdown Edition 73

June 9, 2023
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Kingpin Racing: Remembrance of a ZED RUN legend

XP NFTs: Coming soon...

Jockey Talk w/ Chateaux Gaming: Featuring Sample Gates and Melz

Meet the ZED Headz: 🌮 The Taco Truck 🌮

Community Maiden Stakes: Shape tomorrow by voting today

Winner’s Circle: August XXIV Thoroughbreds, JIGL, Kingpin Racing, Solare Stables, LeftCoast Connections

ZED RUN Trivia: Community Tools Edition

Heartfelt Farewell to Our ZED Friend, Kingpin Racing

This week, we were incredibly sad to hear about Jason from Kingpin Racing’s passing. Since joining ZED RUN in 2021, he has had quite an impact on the game and those around him. 

A genuinely good, all round dude, Jason co-hosted the weekly ZLEAD Talk with Danshan, patiently helped new players find their way to success, and took our ETH on the racetrack daily. Kingpin Racing was a champion in the ZED RUN community. 

Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this time. Jason will be missed dearly here at ZED RUN, we appreciate everything he has brought to the game and community.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared for the Sheppard family on his obituary page.

XP NFTs - Coming Soon

XP NFTs are coming (very) soon to ZED RUN, so we thought we'd explain what they are and the impact they'll have on the game. Get ready to experience true play-to-earn power and fast progress.

For all the details head to our blog.

Meet the ZED Headz: 🌮 The Taco Truck 🌮

Stable Name: 🌮 The Taco Truck 🌮

Discord Handle: Taco33433

What is your ZED RUN origin story?

My origin story is one of the better ones I would guess. A lucky story. It began on September 1, 2021. Just four words from my Rust Teammate who knew I loved crypto, Reckson. Assuming I'd already heard of it. 

He Messaged: "Thoughts On ZED RUN." 

I responded a little later with "Just had to google it - it runs on Ethereum (these types of things are what make Ethereum different than Bitcoin) and has the ability for things like this to be built on it..." Within two hours the chat had devolved into what you all are accustomed to. Hawku link after Hawku link. Z18, Z17, Z20. An a introduction to his mysterious friend who played "Joe," AKA Helios Racing... Some of you might remember him. He owned some amazing horses like Spamdagger, and was my formal introduction to the game and taught me how to play... variance, distance preference, and last but not least SPEEEEEEEED.

He did not create a new formula, he followed Danshan and this 'BT' group. Arbitrage, and Poseidon. Their YouTube videos were my first deep dive into ZED along with Evergreen. I'll always remember the one about Pinkman. And so that is where my origin story arrives. Almost two years later. Still trying to find the diamond in the rough. Still looking for One More Tease on the ZED RUN slot machine.

What is your favourite part of ZED RUN?

My favourite part of ZED RUN is the moments. Nothing, nothing beats the moments. You spend countless hours trying to give yourself a tiny chance to qualify for a maiden. Spend a week qualifying for a huge paid tournament. And it all comes down to one oxygen infused race. And everyone has a chance. They are what I'd guess ZED Headz live for.

Every time I look back at the video of my horse, Rolling Doobies, winning the WTA Class One Maiden. I get goosebumps. Watching a month of work run down the track to win by a nose. It is a feeling hard to put into words. I hope everyone gets to feel it once.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

My advice to the newcomer is to ask for help, the same way I did. Find someone who is doing well and learn their formula. And then make it your own. Come with confidence and thick skin. And bring some good jokes. Lastly, it would not be a Taco post without me reminding Danshan he is the bald man. Until Next Time ZED RUN... Keep Tappin'.

Make sure to follow Taco on Kick, Twitch, and Twitter below to not miss any upcoming wins, streams or other content!

Jockey Talk w/ Chateaux Gaming

Chateaux continues to bring on notable guests from the ZED RUN community to Jockey Talk, and this week he was joined by Brendan of Sample Gates and Melz of Melz x Dingaling.

First up, Brendan from Sample Gates discussed his experience in ZED running a joint stable with friends. Being a fan of in-house breeding, Brendan detailed their 3.0 strategy and approach to maidens. 

Some other topics of conversation were how to identify talent in up racehorses, adapting to ZED RUN meta shifts, and staying competitive in today’s environment and the future.

A UUU was created pre-stream by Brendan and Chateaux and was given away to the winner of the most points of the in-chat race prediction game. 

Melz joined the stream on Wednesday to talk about his entry into the game, how he methodically built his stable, and how he got involved managing Dingaling’s Z1 stable.

An unraced Nakamoto Legendary foal was given away by Melz to Korbsorb for winning the race prediction game for the live races, and a second UUU was given to the Pony Whisperer for second place!

Make sure to follow Chateaux on Twitch and tune in to future episodes for action-packed live racing, to learn different strategies from other stable owners, and potentially more prizes to be won! 

Community Maiden Stakes Vote

After receiving almost 100 submissions for the Community Maiden Stakes, the choices have been narrowed down to four. Are you craving a variance-favoured Winner-Takes-All tournament, a stability-favoured 1v1 tournament, or somewhere in between? 

Vote in the Twitter poll above to decide how your beloved, new foals will face off before Sunday evening. Make sure to vote and comment to let your voice be heard!

Winner’s Circle

Augusta XXIV Thoroughbreds reached 1200 wins for the stable!

JIGL created the newest SUPER BREED and is ready for the Maiden Stakes!

Kingpin Racing took home the gold in ZLEAD’s Class 4 Top 3 Marathoner Final

Solare Stables’ infamous Super Surge took first place in ZLEAD’s Class 1 Top 3 Sprinter Final!

LeftCoast Connections locked down their 1000th win on ZED RUN!

ZED RUN Trivia

Let’s see how well you know your community-made ZED RUN resources! We’ll name a cool feature, and you guess which free or premium tool provides it.

  1. Where can you get breeding recommendations based on an AI’s analysis of the racehorses in your stable?
  2. Which tool can you use to project a foal’s starting level, variance, and distance preference based on its parents?
  3. Where can you chat directly with your racehorse and get to know them on a deeper level?
  4. Which tool can you use to estimate a racehorse’s projected performance in particular race formats based on speed history?
  5. Where can you visualise your racehorse’s minimum, median, and maximum speed comparatively against the field?

Last week’s answers

  1. Rey Del Mundo (3.22 ETH Racing 2.0 Profit)
  2. Royal Paragon of U (0.28 ETH Racing 2.0 Profit)
  3. Gainsboro (1.18 ETH First Place Prize in the Super Foal)
  4. Velvet Jones (2.01 ETH Racing 2.0 Profit)
  5. Billionths (Class Level 670)


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