ZED RUNdown Edition 78

July 15, 2023
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XP NFTs: The wait is over - XP NFTs have arrived!!

ZED Pulse: Edition #5 DonkeyTeeth chats with ZED RUN Co-Founder, Rob Salha 

The 700 Club: Eventful & Dashing Double Reach MAX LEVEL!

Meet the ZED Headz: DK Racing

Community Tourney Recaps: ZEDGE Season One, ZLEAD Madness, State of Origin 2, ZED Legends League

Winner’s Circle: HEROin Racing, Maxwell Racing, Champ Factory, EGO Racing, Second Foundation

ZED RUN Trivia: Recent Sales Edition

The Wait Is Over!! XP NFTs Have Arrived!!

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of play-and-earn and unleash the full potential of your stable in ZED RUN!

Discover the power of XP NFTs and how they open up new avenues for you to earn rewards and trade within the ecosystem. Whether you're looking to boost your own horses, collaborate with fellow players or trade them, XP NFTs provide endless opportunities to grow.

Head to the Guide for all the details and be among the first to harness the potential of XP NFTs in ZED RUN. The future of play-and-earn awaits you and your stable!

Hawku: https://www.hawku.com/c/zed_run/zed_xp

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/zed-run-xp-boost

You can visit the above links to buy and sell XP NFTS!

ZED Pulse Edition #5

Donkey Teeth chats about vision, roadmap and future of ZED RUN with Co-Founder, Rob Salha.

The 700 Club

A huge congratulations are in order to Roid Rager Racing and DK Racing for being the first stables to have racehorses hit MAX LEVEL in ZED RUN!

Eventful (owned by Roid Rager Racing) is a Z2 Legendary Nakamoto with a starting level of 518 was the first racehorse to blast her way to the very top of Class 1, earning 4.29 ETH profit along the way!

Dashing Double (owned by DK Racing) is a Z3 Legendary Nakamoto who started at level 527 and reached level 700 last week! Also earning an impressive 4.7 ETH profit on his way to the top!

To learn more about the progression levelling system visit our guide here, and find out how you can catch them and others climbing their way up!

Meet the ZED Headz: DK Racing

Stable Name: DK Racing (.eth) 

Discord: dkracing

Twitter: @donkeykongdad0 

Favourite Tool: SN Pro and the ZLEAD tool suite - can't live without it!

ZED RUN Origin Story

I came into the game in May 2021 with some college buddies. Messed around for a while figuring out the game, fell in love with it and got more serious over time. I built out my stable and joint stables with my buddies for both breeding and racing and continued to grow as I became more profitable.

After really being a lower stakes grinding stable for most of my ZED RUN journey, my stable went up a level with Dashing Double - I got lucky to have a horse who I had already been levelling hard have the opportunity to get ahead of the field with 3.0 tourney XP multipliers.

That level advantage over the last few months turned DD into one of the best horses in the game and I've done my best to maximise that gap before other horses catch up!

Favourite part of ZED RUN

The community, hands down. I came into ZED RUN with my buddies, and made a lot more great friends along the way. Nothing better than sweating a race, watching a live stream, talking horses and trash-talking ZED with your friends.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN

Go out and buy some super cheap horses to start. Learn the game, learn about levels, classes, payout structures, distance preference, variance, etc. Then once you feel you understand a strategy well enough, spend a little more to find the right horse to build your bankroll.

And most importantly, have fun with it!

Reach out to known stables through Twitter, Discord, DMs, ask questions about their strategy and their advice. And make sure you smack talk them when you beat them!

Community Tourney Recap

ZEDGE Season One - $5k Community Grant Prize Pool!

The cutoff for ZEDGE Week 1 occurred today at 17:00 UTC and their sit-n-go events will kick off at 21:00 UTC tonight!

Throw ZEDGE and Shady Lane a follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date on upcoming events in the following weeks! 

ZLEAD Madness

32 of the top stables in ZED RUN faced off in ZLEAD Madness this week! 

Each stable selects three racehorses whose class numbers (1-6) add up to a total of 10. Team matchups are then randomly assigned and battle it out in 3v3 six-gate races where the winner (whichever team get 2+ on the podium) advances to the next round!

Zlead Aussie Madness Rundown Round 1

Catch the recap by Eureka Stables with an in-depth analysis of each matchup including the results! Follow Danshan for updates on upcoming rounds and other ZLEAD tournaments open for entry!

State of Origin 2 

Zedrun Resurrection’s State of Origin 2 ran this week and Icicle Ranch took home the gold! Big congrats to Shikoba Lodge and Glory Racing for taking second and third place!

Follow Zedrun Resurrection on Twitter and Twitch to catch their next event and have a front row seat to the action!

ZED Legends League

Week two and three of ZED Legends League have taken place since last week’s RUNdown! Tune in below if you missed either and watch the action unfold!

You can also check the individual week and overall standings here at Zombie Racing!

Winner’s Circle

HEROin Racing blasted their way to 10,000 wins this week!

Maxwell Racing took down their 10th Finals win with 4 Hoof Crook!

The Champ Factory joined the 2k Win Club this week!

EGO Racing made it to 2000 wins on the platform!

Second Foundation hit the 2000 win milestone this week!

ZED RUN Trivia

We’re back for another week of ZED RUN Trivia! This week we’ll put your knowledge of the secondary market to the test!

Each of the answers below are interesting racehorse sales from the last week occurring on Hawku, can you guess them all? 

  1. Which Genesis Buterin Stallion in Class 3 sold for 1 ETH?
  2. Which Genesis Szabo Mare in Class 1 sold for 1 ETH?
  3. Which Genesis Buterin Mare in Class 2 sold for 0.5 ETH?
  4. Which Exclusive Szabo Mare in Class 1 sold for 0.5 ETH?
  5. Which Genesis Buterin Stallion in Class 3 sold for 0.69 ETH?

Last Week’s Answers:

  1. Solid Snake owned by Southern Farm
  2. Toot Boot owned by Simba’s Yard
  3. At The Yacht Club (Level 485) owned by 2 Fools & Their Moulah
  4. Musigny (Level 685) owned by The Grand Vault
  5. Super Streak, Fitzgerald, and Ted Laszo


Join the Fun

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