ZED RUNdown Edition 89

September 30, 2023
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Budweiser & NASCAR Pass Updates: Pick Your Reward & Prize Pool Increase

Spooky Skins: Mummies, Zombies, & More Coming to the Track!

Meet the Zedheadz: DeFi Stables

Winner’s Circle: The Champ Factory, V-Racing, Macedo Ranch, Mandrake Stable, Dollar & Sense Racing, Folly Racing

ZED RUN Trivia: Buterin Edition

Budweiser & Nascar Passholders  

We’ve made a few noteworthy changes to the Budweiser and NASCAR final events this week to further benefit our pass holders!

The ZED Token prize pools for each have been DOUBLED, bringing the NASCAR total prize pool to $30,000 USD worth of ZED Token, and the Budweiser total prize pool to $40,000 USD worth of ZED Token.

In addition to the prize pool increase, NASCAR pass holders will be given $50 in ZED Token, and Budweiser pass holders will be given a choice between $50 in ZED Token or a piece of Budweiser merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled for the Google form to select your reward, it will be released early next week.

For those who burned their pass, you will be able to compete in a variety of challenges that will take place from October 2-6. For the event calendar and additional details visit the Guide.

Spooky Skins

ICYMI: We’ve seen two spooky skin designs revealed on the ZED RUN social media channels this week. 

Between the Mummy skin and a Zombie skin. Which is your favourite so far? 👀

Meet the Zed Headz

Stable Name: DeFi Stables™

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/DeFiStables

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeFiStables

How did you get started playing ZED RUN? 

Like so many back in the “bull-run” of early 2021, I was scrolling X.com (formally known as Twitter) and I saw an edited Twitch stream segment from a well-known cryptocurrency influencer, and the video was of him yelling at a digital 3D horse that was running in what looked like a real-world “metaverse”. I thought to myself, if other game companies are “promising” to build a game, but this video game already exists, this might be something exciting and new. I was right - enter stage left - Virtually Human Studios, the creators of ZED RUN. I remember finishing watching the influencer video, and just standing in my kitchen - just mesmerised by the simplistic, yet detailed nature of what ZED RUN gameplay was like, and also what was to come! 

Sitting down looking at the bright computer screen, late-night, was something I am used to - but ZED RUN was drawing my attention. I had to find something, a homepage, a video… anything. I came across the “dark-mode” homepage of ZED RUN and was pleasantly surprised. My eyes frantically searched for pricing, scanning text and type, looking up at the “BETA” tag, I smiled to myself - as a UX designer I could immediately tell there was a passionate team behind this project. I found myself scrolling, scrolling up, then back down, then all the way back up – how do I get into this game? Real money, and these digital 3D horses are breeding using the blockchain, and we can be a part of it as “BETA” testers by using the gameplay? I immediately had to know more, and it was set in that moment - I was buying a digital 3D ZED RUN horse! I am proud to say I have been part of the game for just over two years, a content creator for over a year, excited to be part of the ZED RUN community everyday, and now a documented and enthusiastic “ZEDHEAD”! 

What's your favourite part of ZED RUN? 

My favourite part about ZED RUN has been the ability to own digital game assets while a video game and visual design studio build the gameplay real-time! I have always had an interest in video games even from an early age. As I matured, I opted for console based video games such as FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL, and action adventure title, STEEP. But ZED RUN has been the first PC based video game that I have continually played daily, weekly, and monthly. The combination of an incredible up-and-coming game studio in Virtually Human Studios + ZED RUN blockchain gaming mechanics fuelled a different level of interest and engagement for me as an experienced video game player. 

The ability to have blockchain based features such as tournament entry, NFT trading and individualised pricing has continued to prove the capability of blockchain development companies to create a robust, futuristic, and fully digital experience unmatched by any of the other game platforms. The ability to price the game assets in different decentralised NFT marketplaces has created an tight-knit group of worldwide video game enthusiasts that are on the cutting-edge of gaming experiences; and I am proud to be part of ZED RUN, Novus Earth, and the video game community as a whole! The ability to engage both blockchain/web3 users, and non-users is the exciting next step for all of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects; and I love that I get to be on the journey with all my digital ponies, ZED RUN and the VHS Team!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the game?

Okay! This is a fun question, first - Welcome to the BEST project in Web3 and on the blockchain! Next, make sure investing and owning a digital NFT, specifically for a game that is currently in BETA - would be the biggest piece of advice that I can give to any new player, or player that might be interested in entering the Novus Earth/ZED RUN gameplay world. Next, be ready to embrace and enjoy the changes as the gameplay changes and updates throughout the team's active gameplay loop builds. As we all know, traditional video game development and production has very tough and crude production timelines; thus causing a lot of games to not make it to release or into the hands of gamers; and unfortunately die before final production. 

The ZED RUN community and players have a unique opportunity to participate in the game development build while the game is still under development and experiencing bugs and gameplay loop mechanic changes. So congratulations to all the ZED RUN players out there, old, new, and interested - come grab a digital horse, have some fun; oh! and remember to laugh and encourage others, including the team throughout our shared gameplay development journey! 

Lastly, check out the positive, fun, and engaging ZED RUN focused Twitch streams provided by so many incredible community content creators! I personally invite everyone to join me and the community to participate in my high-energy, dance-party themed stream called “The Live Stream Party x ZED RUN”. The Live Stream Party runs on Thursdays, and Saturday Nights at 8PM (Eastern Standard Time, USA) LIVE on Twitch and can be found at: https://twitch.tv/DeFiStables or by typing DeFi Stables into Twitch search. We have some BIG laughs together, teach newer players how to race, talk over gameplay updates, do a lot of racing for experienced and veteran ZED RUN players, and “boogie down” to great music, fun, and digital ponies! See everyone out on the Racetracks soon! Remember to always: LOVE, LAUGH and RACE! - DeFi Stables™

Winner’s Circle

The Champ Factory secured their 3000th win on ZED RUN!

V-Racing took down the Class 2 Fibonacci this week for $664 with Royal Light!

Macedo Ranch recouped his latest purchase of Artful Lightning Break in a single Sit and Go Tournament!

Mandrake Stable’s Cold Sweat made a run to win in the Class 3 50/50 Sit and Go Tournament!

Heart of Glass of Dollar & Sense Racing shipped the Z41-Z50 Flash Tournament!

​​Folly Racing scaled the mountain once again, reaching level 700 with Forever New!

ZED RUN Trivia

For this week’s edition of ZED RUN Trivia, we’re showcasing some of the Buterin racehorses that have stood out ahead of the pack! Can you guess them all below?

  1. Which racehorse is the highest current level Buterin currently in the game?
  2. Which racehorse has the highest profit of any Buterin in Racing 2.0?
  3. Which racehorse had the highest starting level of any Buterin on the platform?
  4. Which racehorse has the highest profit of any Genesis Buterin in Racing 2.0?
  5. Which racehorse has the highest current level of any Genesis Buterin?

Blockchain Horse Racing Game Zed Run (ZED) Market Analysis | by M-Ventures  & Labs | Medium

Last Week’s Answers: 

  1. Night Beam
  2. Secret Mindblower
  3. Flying Cloud
  4. Wave Racer
  5. Dan’s Hellacious Seed


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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