ZED RUNdown Edition 92

October 21, 2023
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Day of the ZED:
Mint is live - tournaments incoming

ZED Pulse Returns: Donkey Teeth and Dan talk formats

16 Reasons to Play ZED RUN: ZED Chateaux breaks it down

ZED Legends League: Season 2 is open for registration!

Meet the ZED Headz: SunnyvaleKid Stables

Winner’s Circle: Tournament Wins, Stable Milestones, and More!

ZED RUN Emoji Trivia: October Profit Edition

Day of the ZED Mint Now Live!

Got your Day of the Dead skin? Awesome! Not yet? Head to zed.run and mint one  and get yourself a VIP ticket to Day of the ZED. We’re anticipating a lot of fun on the tracks competing for an opportunity to win a share of $25k Zed Token and exclusive skins.

First up, the ‘Trick or Treat’ Challenge is kicking off tomorrow October 22  at 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM, October 25 (UTC).

Pro Tip: Only races run while wearing a Day of the Dead skin will be counted on the challenge leaderboards, so you need to ensure the horses you want to run have the skins!

As well as the three main challenges, check out the ‘Undead Horses’ and ‘Fresh Blood’ challenges too, bringing horses back to the track, and giving newly bred horses a spooky start to their racing careers!

ZED Pulse Returns

In our recent dialogue with Donkey Teeth and LiveOps In-Game Engagement Lead Dan Steeden, we dived deep into some hot topics in the ZED RUN universe.

We listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that proposal #4 has been selected for the next 4-week tournament schedule.

Final Vote Count

Proposal #1: 10 Votes

Proposal #2: 10 Votes

Proposal #3: 1 Vote

Proposal #4: 20 Votes

Weeks commencing Oct 23, Nov 6 & Nov 13

  • Segments: Maiden, <100, <250, <500, Unconditional (free and paid)
  • Qualifying Races: 12-gate races, Top 3 format
  • Qualifying Scoring: Premier scoring, sum of best 10 races, fewest races tiebreaker
  • Tournament Format: Top 3 advance and payout

Week commencing Oct 30

  • Segments: Maiden, <100, <250, <500, Unconditional (free and paid)
  • Qualifying Races: 12-gate races, Double Up format
  • Qualifying Scoring: Stability scoring, sum of best 10 races, fewest races tiebreaker
  • Tournament Format: Top 6 advance and payout

In addition, we've refined the Sit and Go tournament formats to improve fill times and provide engaging racing opportunities for all types of racehorses.

  • Variance Open: 18-horse, 6-gate races, 2 rounds, top 2 progress, top 3 payout in final
  • Stability Open: 12-horse, 6-gate, top 3 progress, top 3 even payout in final
  • Hybrid Training: 18-horse, 6-gate races, 2 rounds, top 2 progress, top 3 even payout in final

Be sure to tune into the video above to catch the full episode, and hit that subscribe button to catch future episodes!

16 Reasons to Play ZED RUN

That killer horse you have? It’s waiting for you to take it to the racetrack and experience all the thrills ZED RUN has to offer!

Jump into some racing now and get that adrenaline pumping. Your horse could be the next tournament champion!

See you on the racetrack!

ZED League Legends Season 2

Season 2 of the ZED Legends League is open for registrations on the Zombie Racing website!

If your horse was part of Season 1 and didn't get relegated, head to the site and pay the $100 registration fee to enter. If your horse won a spot in a Legends League Qualifier, you're all set, no action required! Woot woot!

Meet the ZED Headz

Stable Name: SunnyvaleKid Stables

Discord: TheSunnyvaleKid

ZED RUN Origin Story

I first found out about ZED RUN last year in Decentraland. Yes, ZED has its own MetaVerse home in Decentraland, very few are aware of this I’m sure, everyone should check it out.

As a child my father would take me out to the track and watch horses race, so it’s always been something close to my family and heart. It was amazing to see what ZED RUN was doing with digital horse racing. I was immediately fascinated. The amount of information one can learn and research about the game is amazing. Whether you just like horses, a fan of horse racing, casual gaming, it has something for everyone. 

What is your favourite part of ZED RUN?

One of my favourite aspects is a true feeling of horse ownership and strategy managing your own stable. Finding the best place to race, best gate, perhaps just rest some horses for tournaments and events. Researching horses I find is great fun, especially finding a winner. The ease to join races, any time of the day and night is another favourite of mine, whether on mobile or PC anywhere I might be.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

My best advice I give to people is try to keep it simple and learn how you want to play the game. Don’t play like others, be an individual. Play within your own style, build up your knowledge about your stable of horses. Start with a budget, there is a learning curve. Some horses will teach you lessons. Take the wins with the losses. Like in real horse racing, any horse can beat any horse, any given day.

Winner’s Circle

SkyNet Racing blasted their way to 5000 stable wins!

Buy the Bratwurst of Mandrake Stable took first place in the Class 4 Maiden sprinter final!

Unholy Stables shipped the Z10 Flash Tournament marathon funnel with Banana Trap!

Pivot Racing put on a dominant showing with Lady Cinnamon and won the Finney Exclusive Flash Tournament!

Congrats to Folly Racing for bringing yet another in the stable (Newly Fancy) up to max level! 

Luna Stable won the Class One Weekly Premier with their namesake, Luna!

Dollar & Sense Racing put on a show and secured the gold in the Class Six Maiden Stakes with Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Top Gun Racing hit an astounding 1 ETH profit with their bred racehorse Third Bay!

Supreme Display of Talent pulled off the unthinkable Trifecta in the Class One Balanced Sit and Go Tournament!

Blockchain Guardian reaches a staggering 10,000 wins on ZED RUN!

Scenic Stables celebrate success with the first Buterin to reach the 700 Club!

ZED RUN Trivia

We are over halfway through UpTober, and there’s no shortage of racehorses pulling down profits on the racetrack! 

Can you guess the five below that have stormed their way up the Top 100 leaderboard this month?

Data courtesy of https://zedge.run 👑

1. 🌇 🚀

2. 🎩 🍪

3. 🔵 🌚 🔔 🎃

4. 👀 🤰 ⛔ 👐

5. 🎸 💀

Last Week’s Answers: 

  1. Kaus
  2. Tango Fairlight
  3. Phantom Pacer
  4. Pandu
  5. Foreword to Friendship


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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