ZED RUNdown Edition 96

November 18, 2023
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Tournament Updates: Variance & Stability Favoured Formats

ZED Legends League: Regular Season Finale

Meet the Zedheadz: Mango Ice

Skeleton Skin Debut: Phantom Pacer brings 3D magic to the track

Winner’s Circle: Tournament Wins, Stable Milestones, and More!

ZED RUN Trivia: Legends League 2 Edition

Tournament Updates - November 20

Starting on November 20, we’ll be hosting four weeks of weekly tournament formats to cater to both variance and stability-heavy racehorses. 

In addition to regular paid racing being used for qualification, we’ll also be utilising Sit and Gos to encourage volume across both!

The total weekly prize pool for the week of November 20 will be USD 50k and will be split 70/30 between Variance Tournaments and Sit and Go Tournaments. 

Variance tournaments for this coming week will include <100, <250, <500, and unconditional segments. The <500 race conditionals will be removed for the three weeks following.

For more information, head on over to the guide here

ZED Legends League

The ZED Legends League has reached an exhilarating climax in its Week 3 regular season finale. This unique event is community-run and widely celebrated. It showcased 108 of ZED Run's finest racehorses, divided into three distinct funnels: sprinters, midrunners, and marathoners. 

Each category was fiercely contested, but now the cream of the crop rises to the top. The top six racehorses from each funnel have earned their spots in the Championship Week. This final showdown features six intense races, ultimately crowning the funnel champions.

The regular season has been nothing short of spectacular. Courtesy of Zombie Racing, the overall leaderboard results for each funnel are now available for all to see below.

Sprinter Leaderboard: https://zombie.racing/tournaments/zed-legends-league-2-sprinters

Midrunner Leaderboard: https://zombie.racing/tournaments/zed-legends-league-2-midrunners

Marathoner Leaderboard: https://zombie.racing/tournaments/zed-legends-league-2-marathoners

Don’t miss out on the action-packed Finals! Stay updated by following ZED Legends League on Twitter and catch the live events on Twitch to experience every heart-pounding moment as it unfolds.

Meet the Zedheadz

Stable Name: Mango Ice

Discord: Nugz#8470 

Twitter: @mangoicestables 

ZED RUN Origin Story:

Favourite Part of ZED RUN:

My favourite part of ZED is racing pacers and C6 horses. I love to race "bad" horses that get no respect. One way I have been sneaky winning events throughout my career is just avoiding the big boys in C1. If an event has rules like "1st place is 10 points" it's the same 10 points in Class 6 as Class 1. So you can try to get those points with $50 horses in expensive paids, racing with the upper class... OR come slum it with Mango in C6. You can get competitive horses for $3 if you are willing to race pacers, Z268s and C6. If you don't have $3 for a horse that can win tournaments and events if you race smart... then DM me and I will have hOUSE OF THE dEAD send you one. I have hundreds of these cheapo horses and love racing them all!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

Ok, this one I feel strongly about. I am ANTI-SPREADSHEETS for ZED. I stopped making spreadsheets over two years ago. I simply do my best to memorize what I can handle and then I just make an acceptable amount of mistakes. Easy as that. If you want to spend two hours a week colour-coating spreadsheet cells to make it all pretty, you will do too much of this and miss out on two hours a week of racing. In hOTd, Jet does all the spreadsheet work for our team, and I don't even like to look at them. If he asks me to check something on the SS, I often just pretend to look and confirm. So that is my advice. Your instinct as a new player is to chart all your results and examine the data, put the outcome of each finished race on your stupid, soon-to-be-abandoned spreadsheet. Go ahead and do that, and then one day you will find a site like Zlead by DanShan and be like... "Ohh he does this for me, and way better... I should be racing, not perfecting Microsoft Excel skillz".

Skeleton Skin Debut

Phantom Pacer hit the track yesterday wearing the one-of-one 3D skeleton skin during the @ArbitrageRacin stream AND it was EPIC! Follow zED_rUN_hOTd X account to watch more outings on the track and find out how your stable can borrow it. It’s pure fire!! LFG!! 

Winner’s Circle

Ocean Meadows secured their 4000th win for stable this week!


Big Thinker of Scenic Stables has taken down an impressive 2.24 ETH profit in just shy of 500 races!

Andy Ace landed their 2000th win on ZED RUN!

Slug Dome’s Fin Tireur joined the 700 Club this week, reaching max level in the progression system!

King Jacob shipped the Class 1 <100 Premier this week with Defend!

Johnnie & Leeroy’s Legacy leaped onto the podium in the Class 3 Maiden Stakes with Property of Pretty Tony!

Mango Ice Stables racked up a jaw-dropping 15,000 wins for the stable!

Cacao Berry of Andy Ace’s stable put on a dominant showing in this week’s Class 6 Premier!

Intense Stables crushed the Class 1 Maiden Stakes this week with Momentary Lapse of Reason!

Congratulations to Lucky DJH Racing who has racked up a staggering 10,000 wins on the platform! 

McGuineas Racing stormed their way up to 6000 wins!

ZED RUN Trivia

Have you tuned into ZED Legends League 2 hosted by Arbitrage Run yet? 

Of the best of the best facing off each week, how many can you guess that were near the top of the leaderboard following Week 2?

  1. Which Z12 Nakamoto held the number one spot in the sprinter funnel?
  2. Which Z8 Nakamoto held the number two spot in the sprinter funnel?
  3. Which Z1 Nakamoto held the number one spot in the marathon funnel?
  4. Which Z4 Nakamoto held the number two spot in the marathon funnel?
  5. Which Z4 Szabo held the number one spot in the midrunner funnel?

Last Week’s Answers: 

  1. The Shy Five Two
  2. Sprinting Into Battle
  3. Powder Blue Express
  4. Dancing King
  5. Ocean Facts

Join the Fun

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