ZED RUNdown Editon 106

February 3, 2024
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Tournament Schedule: Coming up in ZED RUN this week

CEO Announcement: Virtually Human Studio confirm new appointment

Meet the ZED Headz: Gavin | It Was All A Dream

Discord Donkey Derby: $750 in ZED Token up for grabs!

ZEDGE Event: Enter The Big Blind

Winner’s Circle: Tournament Victories, Stable Milestones, & More!

ZED RUN Trivia: Sit and Go Final Winners

Coming Up This Week In ZED - February 5-11

Make sure to head to Discord proposed-changes channel to give us your feedback! See you on the track!

  • No change to Weekly Premier tournaments
  • Free Maiden, runs as previously, $12,000 prize pool
  • Class 1 Maiden qualifying lasts 48 hours, rather than a week
  • Griffin Fastest Time leaderboards, $1,500 ZED Token prize pool

Virtually Human Studio CEO Confirmed

ICYMI Virtually Human Studio have announced Nir Efrat as their new CEO putting an end to months of speculation. Read the full announcement here.

Meet the ZED Headz: It Was All A Dream

Stable Name: It Was All A Dream & It Was All A Dream - OLD (former wallet was hacked) 

Discord: Gavin | It Was All A Dream 

ZED RUN Origin Story

I attribute my journey with ZED RUN all the way back to my childhood passion for collecting, buying, selling, and trading sports cards. The thrill of analyzing stats, projecting player performances, scouring for hidden gems and the sheer excitement of the 'luck of the draw' when opening a pack was something I relished. These elements echo in ZED RUN, where strategy, anticipation, and a bit of luck intertwine. 

Fast forward to today: I enjoy poker, fantasy sports, Web 3, and sports betting when I’m not juggling my business or two young kids.

Like many others, my gateway drug into Web 3 was NBA Top Shot. Once I discovered it, I tumbled headfirst down the rabbit hole and emerged in the world of ZED RUN – a perfect fusion of all my interests. 

In April/May 2021, I got my hands on a UUU and then a few Bute Genesis horses during a drop. In hindsight, they were terrible horses, but they did offer me a modest start, learning the nuances of racing and trading, leading to some tiny profits. Reinvesting those gains became my mantra: buy, race, breed, sell, invest… wash, rinse, repeat. 

After a few months of diligent research and very slowly and patiently building my bankroll, I took a leap and made my first big boy purchase – Real Crystal. This marked a turning point in my Zed journey. 

The road since has been paved with racing, breeding, trading, and constantly refining my stable. In the beginning, I absorbed every piece of strategy and insight with some being more helpful than others. From the very early Poseidon videos to ZG’s wild breeding theories. Fortunately, the content void has been partially filled with the Arbitrage Show with Donkey and KC, which is a must watch for any new or experienced player.

Today, I try to strike a balance with my stable – not too big, not too small, but something I can easily manage and compete with, without overextending myself and turning Zed into a job. I’ve tried to curate a mix of premium Genesis runners across distances, super high-variance 1.0s, conditional 3.0 runners, and some stability. All fit together in a portfolio that allows me to race and breed and should keep me competitive with any meta shift (except a re-roll!!! Please please please do not re-roll!!!). 

Interestingly, while I've always been a racer at heart, the new loop: Maiden <100 <250 <500 has lured me into the breeding game, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. Crafting breed deals and rich bloodlines is fun. I’ve met a lot of great people across the globe that come from totally different walks of life and hope to continue building real long-term friendships.

What is your favourite part of ZED RUN?

One of my favourite aspects of ZED RUN is the history and lore that is starting to form (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse). I have a lot of respect for the game, the players, and the diverse community – from the persistent grinders, the big-game gamblers to casual players and everyone in between that is positively contributing to the community's growth. 

Legends of the game, be it iconic horses like Vanilla Bean, Mirajo (and Real Crystal!), or the notorious Fairy Dancer scandal, Roid Rager and Escobar breeding glitch, all add to the tapestry of stories that make ZED RUN unique. 

But, if I had to choose my one standout moment, it was the first time seeing Real Crystal execute the perfect slingshot to win a high-stakes race by 2-3 seconds while coming from miles behind the competition. Nothing gets the juices flowing quite like a big underdog win on tournament day. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN?

I believe it is essential to have some skin in the game, even if it is a very small bankroll, because it compels you to learn and engage more deeply. With that said, start VERY modestly and within your financial comfort zone. 

No matter your budget, be it $50 or $5,000, there's a pathway into ZED RUN. A $50 budget will require grit – think grinding and selling XP to build your bankroll. For those with a bit more to invest, start with small, manageable steps. You can find a lot of profitable conditional horses for 0.025 - .05 ETH (about $60-120) or less. These are a smart way to dip your toes in before making a splash. Bankroll management is critical so do not go all in until you understand the game. 

Invest in knowledge. Subscriptions to tools like Zedge or Zlead are invaluable, especially when you are getting started. While Hawku used to offer more than enough free data to be competitive, OpenSea lacks any bit of meaningful information to do research. The right tools can make all the difference early on in your ZED RUN journey.

Discord Donkey Derby

The Discord Donkey Derby is back starting this week, exclusively for our ZED RUN Discord community! With a hefty prize pool of $750 in ZED tokens, this tournament is set to be a thrilling ride. 

Entrants had 48 hours to register, with a limit of five racehorses per stable. The catch? These horses needed to have completed at least 25 races without a single win. The competition heats up in 6-horse races where only the winner advances, leading to an intense final race. 

Stay in the loop and join our Discord community here for more details and upcoming challenges!

ZEDGE Presents The Big Blind

ZEDGE is at it again, bringing another exhilarating event to enhance the thrill of your racehorse's griffin race!

Set as a one-off race, this event pits your racehorse against others in the same breed type (be it legendary or exclusive), and will take place right before the Maiden Stakes. This is a perfect opportunity to test your racehorse's mettle!

Don't miss the cutoff for entry, which is coming up tomorrow (Saturday evening UTC). Make sure you're part of the action by joining the ZEDGE Discord here and signing up now!

Winner’s Circle

Grand Cru Stud shipped the Class 2 <250 Weekly Premier with La Mouline!

Not1Pack2Pack took down the Class 1 <100 Premier with Hops N Bong Resin!

Supreme Display of Talent had another dominant Sunday evening, taking down four tournament finals!

Blockchain Guardian’s stable crushed the Class 4 Weekly Variance Premier and the Class 5 Weekly Variance Premier finals with Thunder Bear and Warlord’s Wrath!

Whopper Whopper Whopper of Dollar & Sense Racing won the Class 6 Weekly Variance Premier final!

ZED RUN Trivia

Get ready for a fun challenge in this week's ZED RUN Emoji Trivia! We've represented five racehorses, each a champion of a Sit and Go tournament final this week, using emojis. 

Think you can decode them and guess all five?

🟩 🏃♂️  (C3 Variance Open)

😃 👶  (C1 Variance Open)

⛔ ➕ 🤫  (C6 Hybrid)

🥇 🖋️  (C2 Stability Open)

🍯 🍫  (C6 Stability Open)

Last Week’s Answers:

  1. Alp whodunnit
  2. Deep Preference
  3. Ready Ravioli
  4. Eupheme
  5. Shadow of a Bullet


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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