ZED RUNdown Editon 42

October 22, 2022
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ZED Knights: Tune in for racing plus Allowlist and racehorse giveaways

ZED RUN World Cup: Allowlist registration is open

New Discord Who Dis?: User friendly changes happening in ZED RUN Discord

Monday Night Mayhem: Start your week right

Budweiser Brewery: Bud Pass holders exclusive invite

Maiden Stakes Recap: Celebrating maiden success

Discord Pureblood Buterin Legendary Cup: The Discord community has voted

Tool and Site Creator Spotlight Series: Coming soon

Community Achievements: Hanalei Racing, 5280 Stables, Artisan Stables, Big Beard Stables, Cadillac Racing Barn

ZED Knights - Covid Cancellation

ToKnight We Ride & ZED Knights has been cancelled this week. To make it up to you, here’s a giveaway opportunity as an apology4 @zed_run allowlist spots for the “World Cup Skins” are up for grabs!

Retweet this message to be entered and tag a friend that isn’t following KOD Media yet (Pretty easy).

ZED RUN The World... Cup

The ZED RUN World Cup skin mint is around the corner, so prepare to see 32 countries represented on the racetrack this November.

Genesis racehorse utility? You bet! By owning a Genesis racehorse or a Budweiser/NASCAR pass, you’re eligible to register for an Allowlist spot to mint a World Cup skin at a discounted price. 

Make sure to head over to our website today and secure your spot!

New Look Discord, Who Dis? 

This week we’re making some adjustments to the ZED RUN Discord server you know and love. 

We’ll be adding a category called “Starting Gate” tailored toward users who are new to ZED RUN. Tutorials for wallet creation, racing, breeding, borrowing, and more will be available accompanied by a starter-chat channel to ask questions and get advice. Community managers will also be assisting users early in their ZED RUN journey by hosting educational sessions within this section.

In addition to changes catering to beginners, we’ll be shuffling around some channels to cultivate a clean, welcoming environment for all active members. Yup - you read that right.

Come join us in the server here and connect with other stable owners!

Monday Night Mayhem Recap

Another week means another Monday Night Mayhem (MNM) in the books, where 12 lucky daily tournament finalists per funnel faced off for a $5400 prize ($1800 per race)! This week, racehorses who placed 12th in their Mayhem race were the lucky winners of a special $200 prize. Catch the replay of @CryptoSonarETH's stream of MNM excitement here.

The champion horses and stables are listed below:

Sprinter: Delicious and Free | Z barn stable

Midrunner: Slander 420 | Pumpernickel Ponies

Marathoner: Talladega | Archibald Royal Family

Congratulations winners, and if you weren’t selected this week, better luck next time!

Don't forget to tune in to watch this Sunday Night as Kyle (Avon Fields Stables) and PK (Alhambren Bloodstock) are joined by special guest @Hale_End_RA spin the wheel to select the fields for Monday Night Mayhem.

Starting at 10pm EST, tune in for Racehorse giveaways, race and field analysis and more.www.twitch.tv/avonfieldsstables | Twitter: bit.ly/avon_fields

Budweiser Brewery Exclusive Event

Bottom’s up! On 10 December 2022, an event will be held exclusively for Budweiser x Zed Passholders at the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis.

Stay tuned for RSVP details to partake and enjoy a night of beer, food, custom races, and a brewery tour! 

Maiden Stakes Recap

The biweekly Maiden Monday Tournament ran this week, giving breeders and buyers alike a chance to showcase their most promising foals. With only unraced racehorses eligible, the Maiden offers a great opportunity to test a brand new racehorse against equally fresh-faced competition. A hearty congratulations to the winning racehorses and stables this week:

Sprinters A: Kektoast | Crazy Horse ; Sprinters B: Time for Midnight | Great North Racing

Midrunners A: Bright Duke | All-in Racing ; Midrunners B: Crown Banger | Derekw10

Marathoners A: Trilokpati | Trident ; Marathoners B: Planned Getaway | M22 Racing

We’ll hit the track again with the next Maiden in two weeks, so plan ahead!

Discord Pureblood Buterin Legendary Cup

A tournament exclusive to ZED RUN Discord users, if you've got a Pureblood Buterin Legendary racehorse (Z16-20) in your stable, read on. This means both parents must be Genesis Buterins. To enter, all you have to do is sign your racehorse(s) up before the end of Sunday 23 October, UTC and you'll be eligible to compete in three custom races in your chosen distance funnel (one at each funnel distance).

The racehorses that finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each race will receive points. The 12 racehorses with the most points will then progress to a Grand Final for each distance funnel racing for a share of the prize pool of $300 USD ($100 per distance funnel).

Maximum two racehorses per Discord ID. You must own the racehorse(s) you enter. If you sell your racehorse after entering it, but before the grand finals end, it won't be eligible to win.

Sign up here.

Coming Soon: Tool and Site Creator Spotlight Series

While Hawku and KnowYourHorses have become household names for most players in the ZED RUN community, there are lots of amazing third party sites and tools out there to add some edge to your game!

We’re going to go in-depth with our creators to discuss some of the best features, and how your stable could benefit from checking them out. Be on the lookout for the first article, featuring ZedRacer, soon!

Community Achievements

Congratulations to the following stables for hitting some unbelievable accomplishments on the ZED RUN platform this week! Hanalei Racing and 5280 Stables both hit 1 ETH in net racing profit. 5280 Stables has put up a dominant showing and reached 2000 wins overall. Big Beard Stables and Cadillac Racing Barn have accomplished an important milestone of the first thousand stable wins. It’s been a busy week!

Artisan Stables - 2K Wins

Big Beard Stables - 1K Wins

Cadillac Racing Barn - 1K Wins

5280 Stables - 1 ETH Profit

Hanalei Acres - 1 ETH Profit


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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