ZEDx - What You Need To Know

June 28, 2024
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Following on from yesterday’s AMA, here’s a summary of some key points about the transition:

Why ZEDx?

To take ZED RUN to the next level, making it scalable, engaging, accessible, and fully utilising ZED Token in a meaningful way, we pinpointed the core areas that needed transformation. ZEDx is our solution.

We're learning from what has gone before, removing the pain points and tech debt of ZED RUN to implement cutting-edge racing mechanics and unique speed animations for each horse, ensuring it’s more dynamic and engaging for all players. 

Will My Racehorse(s) Transition? 

No, racehorses in the current game will not directly transfer to ZEDx, it would be impossible to transfer 400k + horses and create a competitive game free of the pain points currently experienced by players. 

However, we recognise that ownership plays a big part in the pillars of ZED RUN and are working on a formula to ensure that owners transfer to the new game in a strong position. 

We can confirm that horses will be rewarded based on legacy ownership and continued engagement. While the exact distribution model of this is still to be decided, recognising our long-standing ZED stables is something we are committed to. To reiterate, we mentioned an engagement snapshot would begin yesterday, however, current racehorse ownership is still a major factor in the rewards we distribute. We heard the community loud and clear on this topic and whilst nothing has been fully finalised, your feedback is taken on board. 

How This Will Work

Like you, we wish the formula was ready to announce, but we want to get it right and ensure it’s fair. We have been modelling out scenarios to ensure we do our best to give maximum value to those past and present stable owners who continue to hold racehorses and/or engage with the game across free racing, paid racing and breeding. Again, we intend to apply significantly more weight to paid engagement whilst acknowledging every stable that continues to participate in ZED RUN. 

Racehorses and other rewards within ZEDx will be distributed to owners of ZED RUN horses with these main objectives:

  • Rewarding long-term holders who have felt disenfranchised by changes in core gameplay
  • Continuing to incentivise and reward those who race, breed and engage with the current game
  • Creating a pathway for past and present ZED RUN users to convert into ZEDx, even after launch

To accomplish this, our rewards allocation formula will take several factors into account including both ownership and engagement. We will review the types and tiers of ZED RUN horses currently held and use this to determine how stable owners are rewarded with horse ownership,  and other rewards in the transition to the new game. We are currently working on calculations and will announce the formula by the end of July.

For those who enjoy the current game, we understand that yesterday’s announcement may  impact the excitement of racing and breeding in ZED RUN, which is why future engagement will earn stable owners additional advantages in the new game on top of their holdings. 

The final distributions and details behind the allocation will be communicated as soon as it is ready. We understand how important it is that we get this right as many stables have committed significant time and money. To put a dollar value on these distributions and rewards is difficult, but we are confident that we are close to delivering a formula that works for everyone.

Why ZED RUN Horses Can’t Convert To ZEDx

To keep horse ownership in ZEDx valuable and sustainable, there will be a fixed-size racing pool for each series, with horses entering and leaving the racing pool through breeding and retirement. This feature allows us to design new traits for all horses and a racing algorithm to be built from scratch. None of the horses will be the same in ZEDx, so we can’t convert each horse 1:1 into the new game. Instead, we plan to distribute the majority of starting racers and breeding horses to ZED RUN stable owners.  

What Is The Value Of Ownership In ZEDx?

ZEDx is a big departure from ZED RUN and there are many benefits to horse ownership, including racing, breeding, zero race fees and the potential to receive funds from spectators. We will be sharing the economy loop in the next AMA but feel confident that fees generated from spectator engagement being directed to players is a huge part of the appeal. 

What This Means for The Current Game

In the short term, nothing will change with the current game. The Live Game Team will continue to manage ZED RUN, and the core game loop will still generate and distribute prize pools. The community suggested on the AMA call that we look into rolling some features back (segments, XP Boost etc.) in the interim until the launch of ZEDx which we will explore. Our concern about widening the gap of the current game is that it will alienate many others.

As part of the transition plan to ZEDx, we’ll introduce some engagement-based reward systems, giving you a boost when starting in ZEDx based on your engagement with the current game.

These reward systems will be woven into current events, giving you even more reasons to participate beyond the ongoing prize pools.

Prize pools will continue, and every breed and race will help you start your ZEDx journey.

The Transition

A move to a new game is no small feat, which is why you can expect regular communication, including roadmap and progress updates in the bi-weekly AMAs with our Head of Product starting July 11 2024.

We know there’s a lot to process. We understand your initial reaction and scepticism given past experience. This is just the beginning. This is the outline of what to expect. Yes, we’re cautious about giving timelines we may not meet. That’s not to say we’re here for another five years in beta. 

We're working diligently on the transition process and will provide detailed information on timelines and specific steps involved as soon as it's available.

If we don’t have the answer yet or something is still being finalised, we’ll be upfront about it. If you have questions, head to Discord #zedx channel and ask them.

We intend to do things differently this time to deliver the best opportunities for all our players moving forward. Stick with the process, our actions will speak louder than words.


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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