ZED RUNdown Edition 54

January 28, 2023
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Super Breeds: These babies are fire!!

The Convergence: Web3 meets eSports

ZED Knights: The only place to be every Thursday night

ZED Racer: ZED Racer International 3D prizes

XP Showdown: Recap of this week's tournament

Newly ZEDs: Find out how to get from Zero to ZED FUN

Meet the ZED Headz: It had to be - NakamotosOnly

Community achievements: SwalRacing and TripleCrownJockeyClub

ZED RUN Elevates to All New High with the Arrival of Super Breeds

While it may not have the gold ‘S’ on its chest or red cape flapping in the wind, a Super Breed is a highly specialised racehorse with a higher starting level than a normal breed, an improved breed type, and either extreme distance preference or stability. Best of all, every ZED RUN stable owner has the potential to breed one. 

In plain English - these babies are fire!! They are fantastic racehorses with the potential to dominate on the track and in stud.

@NakamotosOnly made ZED RUN history this week becoming the first stable EVER to breed a ZED RUN Super Breed - check out Master of Chance - he's a beauty!

Competitive gameplay wouldn't be complete without the emergence of a second Super Breed to keep things spicy - belonging to none other than Arbitrage Racing! For all you Super Breed watchers, @DanShan has created a tool to keep an eye on their arrivals.

For more info, read the blog or head to the Guide.

The Convergence 2023 - Web3 meets Esports

Are you ready for the event of the year? #Convergence2023 is happening and it's going to be epic! We're talking about the LARGEST web3 gaming to esports digital event, backed by none other than @0xPolygon.

ZED RUN has partnered with @yesports_gg and will be appearing alongside 30+ web3 games for you to check out and play, plus three leading eSports clubs and 8 keynote speakers  including our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Chris Ebeling. You'll also be able to connect with other players, game developers, and industry experts from around the world.


If you follow the steps below to register for Convergence, you’ll be in the running to win a racehorse and a ZED RUN merchandise bundle:

  • Register for The Convergence: https://nor.by/rl4zNx 
  • Follow @Yesports_gg & @zed_run on Twitter
  • Like the ZED RUN announcement tweet (Pinned to ZED RUN Twitter)
  • Like & QT The Yesports Convergence Announcement (Pinned on Yesports Twitter) using #convergenceiscoming

T&Cs apply.

ICYMI - ZED Knights

ZED KNIGHTS is the only place to be every Thursday at 8 pm ET. Join DoughBoy, Zook, Jigga and Keith for the week's ZED RUNdown (early doors), Stable Duelz, giveaways, duck races and a ton of fun!

This week also featured ZED RUN Trivia - can you guess the ZED RUN racehorses from the emojis below:

  1. 🧟 👦
  2. 🥶🥵
  3. 👨❌👨❌👨✅
  4. 💥🎶
  5. 🦁 📆
  6. 👸🔌
  7. 🏆♉️
  8. 🧼👌
  9. 🐩➡️🌕
  10. 🌞 💃 🐠

Amazing Prizes from the ZED Racer International 

The winners of the ZED Racer International event, hosted by community tool creator ZED Racer, didn’t just earn glory and envy on the racetracks. They also earned some stunningly detailed, 3D printed ZED RUN racehorses. Take a look at them in the Tweet above - our community is infinitely talented!

XP Showdown recap

We wrapped up our XP Showdown Weekend event and many of those who took to the track earned their share of a $40,000 prize pool in addition to their cherished XP. 

The top 144 racehorses in each class in terms of XP gained from January 21-22 faced off in the Semi-Finals and the Finals on January 24-25.

Check out the thread below to see all the finals qualifiers. Congratulations to all winners and we’ll see you next week for more exciting formats 🏇.

Newly ZEDs Game Basics - ZED FUN

Let’s get to racing! The ZED RUN race lobby is the place to get started. If you need help borrowing a racehorse from the lending pool, check out last week’s edition of the RUNdown here

Once you’ve borrowed or purchased your first racehorse, head on over to https://zed.run and login to get started.

1. Go to your stable page (https://zed.run/stable/yourstablenamehere) to check out your racehorse and determine which class it's eligible to race in.

2. Proceed to https://zed.run/racing/events to view open races.

3. Once you’ve found the race you’d like to enter:

  • Click on the event
  • Select a gate (or click Quick Enter for free races)
  • Confirm entry with your racehorse

4. Races will run a few minutes after they’re full. Once your race fills head over to https://zed.run/racing/upcoming and filter by My Racehorses Only

5. After your race populates in the 'Next to Run' tab, click on the event to view in 2D or 3D.

6. You did it! Make sure to test different distances within your class to figure out where your racehorse is most likely to succeed.

Next week, we’ll be diving into the world of ZED RUN Tournaments. Come join us in Discord and follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss it! 

Meet the ZED Headz 

Stable Name: NakamotosOnly

Discord: NakamotosOnly#9734

ZED RUN Origin Story I discovered ZED RUN in August of 2021. One week later I had bought my first Z1 Nakamoto. In the early days my focus was mostly on breeding racehorses for profit.  

Over time I fell in love with the game and started keeping more and more of the racehorses I bred for myself. After joining the Blood Tool group things started to take off. Today my stable contains 11 Nakamoto Genesis, almost 100 Legendary Nakamotos, and of course the very 1st Super Breed in ZED RUN history.  

Favourite part of ZED RUN?  If you don't count the thrill of winning .8 ETH in Moday Night Mayhem, then I'd say interacting with other stables in the community is the most fun. Racing is way more fun when you know the people that you are racing. Third party tournaments have also been bringing a lot of extra fun to the game for me.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join ZED RUN? Get a Blood Tool license before you do anything else. If you can't do that then get on ZED RUN Discord and build relationships with people who know what they are doing and can teach you how to analyse racehorses before you go shopping on Hawku.  

Understanding a racehorse's stats and how it creates speed is important in breeding. You don't want to waste time and ETH banging the wrong racehorses together, so take your time and really learn your stuff first. Other than that all I can say is.. INVEST IN GENESIS.

Community Achievements

Congratulations to SwalRacing for hitting the milestone 2000 wins and TripleCrownJockeyClub landing their first tourney win. Be sure to tag us on Twitter (@zed_run) with your next ZED milestone so we can mention you next week’s edition of the RUNdown.

Swalracing: 2000 Stable Wins



Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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