ZED RUNdown Edition 55

February 4, 2023
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Hawku Category Sales Stats: Major platform update

SuperBreed Sale: Crimson Racing adds Super Breed to their collection

Newly ZEDs: How to compete in ZED RUN tournaments

Meet the ZED Headz: Vads ZED Tips

ZED Trivia: Emojis are back

Community achievements: Intense Stables, Colosseum Racing, JP Geek Master

ZED Knights: Why read when you can watch? 

New and Improved: Get Insights into Per-Game NFT Sales Trends with Hawku Category Stats!

Hawku, the leading NFT marketplace on Polygon, has made a major update to its platform with the introduction of Category Stats. With this new feature, players can easily access a curated summary of sales and trends for different categories of NFTs in each game.

The categories of NFTs in each game are created and managed by a selected group of players from the game's community. This marks the first time that Hawku is involving the community directly in the curation of its platform. The selected players will be chosen either by the game creators, Hawku, or the community at large.

This new feature will give both experienced and new players a better understanding of which types of NFTs in each game are trending and how they are valued. For example, players of ZED RUN can now see the floor price and recent activities of Z8 and Z7 Genesis Unraced tokens.

Hawku believes that Category Stats will bring more transparency and fairness to the NFT market and that it will lead the way in fostering an active and engaged community. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Hawku as they continue to innovate and shape the future of NFTs.

Crimson Racing Adds UUU Super Breed to Their Collection

As the excitement for the next Super Breed continues to build, Intense Stables made a big move by putting their UUU Super Breed on the market, generating a lot of buzz in the ZED RUN community.

Congratulations to @kkirk55 on the acquisition of this magnificent creature - a Z9 Finney Legendary Filly Super Breed!

Newly Zeds: Tournaments

Now that you’ve got your racehorse on the track, let’s talk tournaments! If you still need help navigating the lobby and entering races, please check out last week’s edition here

Tournaments on ZED RUN are class-based, so you will only be competing for a prize pool with racehorses in your class.

Entering a Tournament

Head to https://zed.run/racing/tournaments to see which tournaments are active. Click on the Class/Tournament you’d like to participate in and you'll be able to view the following:

  1. Eligible races (Paid vs Free, 12 Racehorse vs 6 Racehorse)
  2. Number of races required (typically five minimum per distance funnel - more on that below)

Once you’ve learned the requirements for qualification on the active tournament, head on over to https://zed.run/racing/events to get started!


Qualification is based on performance in distance funnels, so typically you’ll need to run a minimum number of sprints, mid-distance or marathon races. 

Once you’ve completed the required number of eligible races, you can check your status using the tourney tracker widget:

This widget will let you know if you’ve completed the minimum required races for qualification as well as see if your performance is above the “cut line.”

If your racehorse made the cut, it will automatically run in the Quarterfinal, Semi-Final and Final depending on its performance in each. 

You’re now ready to compete in your first ZED RUN tournament! LFG!!!!

Come join us in Discord here to learn more from experienced stable owners and find out which tournaments are coming soon in our #daily-tournaments channel.

Meet the ZED Headz - VADS ZED Tips

Stable Name: 🇭🇺 Vads ZΞD Tips 🇭🇺

Discord: Vads#3967
Twitter: VadsHorseTips

Origin Story : I first heard about ZED RUN in a newsletter I was subscribed to, and since I enjoyed horse racing IRL, I thought the idea sounded awesome, so was very eager to get started. I quickly became hooked, learning as much about ZED RUN as I could, and have spent everyday since I begun at the start of 2022 on ZED RUN!

Favourite Part Of ZED RUN : My favourite thing about ZED RUN is the scouting process to find new racehorses that are great racers,  then testing them to see if I was right, which I can humbly say I have gotten pretty good at. LOL.

I also love the wide array of tools available for players to utilise. It’s amazing, there are so many good ones, it’s often tricky to choose a favourite, but they open up many different ways to strategise and play!

The only thing I enjoy more than constantly finding new ways to strategise my own way to play ZED RUN, is by helping others to do the same, so my inbox is always open to help anyone with any ZED RUN related questions or queries :)

Advice To A New Player : Whatever you do, check a racehorse’s performance in the last 30 days (or just recent-ish) for relevant racehorse data, NOT lifetime races. I’ve made that mistake before so you don’t have to!


Guess the ZED RUN racehorse from the emojis:

1. 🌊📏

2. 🕔  👨✅🧟❌

3. 😳🍨

Last week's answers:  Zombie Boy, Cold Sweat, Third Head, Boom Tune, Mane Event, Princess of Power, Victorious Taurus, Barok, POODL to the Moon, Sun Dance Marlin

Community Achievements

Over the last week, we’ve had numerous stables hit stable goals including Intense Stables reaching 10 ETH lifetime racing profit, Hawleywood Hills securing their 1000th win on the platform, JP Geek Master reaching a whopping 4000 stable wins, and Colosseum Racing taking down Zlead’s C2 Madness tournament for a 1.8 ETH prize! A huge congratulations to these stable owners for tearing up the track this week!

Tag us on Twitter here with your recent stable victory so we include you in next week’s RUNdown!

Intense Stables - 10 ETH Lifetime Racing Profit

JP Geek Master - 4000 Wins

Colosseum Racing - 1.8 ETH Win in C2 Madness

Hawleywood Hills - 1000 Wins

ZED Knights - Ep.4

ZED RUNdown is brought to life every Thursday 8pm ET. Join Doughboy, Zook and Keith. Episode 4 features Stable Duelz (custom 1v1 racing) between Trots and Sangudo Stables, highlights from this blog and racehorse giveaways.


Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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