ZED RUNdown Edition 7

Ryan Yousefi
February 19, 2022
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Welcome to this week’s ZED RUNdown, race fans!

With the NASCAR Cup Series weekend festivities upon us at ZED RUN, a famous quote attributed to Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, comes to mind: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Sure, it’s hotly contested if the quote is real. But we’d like to imagine he did say it, and he had the foresight in the early 1900s to realise ZED RUN would exist a century later, where fast racehorses would still be all the rage.

With speed on our minds and NASCAR Racing Challenges coming around the turn, let’s rev up a fast rendition of the ZED RUNdown, get out on the racetrack, and make Henry Ford proud.


The first-ever #SuperFoal weekend at ZED RUN took place last weekend, and with it came our initial foray into bringing dedicated and exclusive utility to super coat racehorses. #SuperFoal wasn’t just a tournament for super coat racehorses, though. It was also an exploration into a new way ZED RUN can structure spin-off tournaments that utilize ongoing daily tournaments as a qualifying round.

Congratulations to all that made it into the #SuperFoal tournament, and to the winning racehorse, Gainsboro!

NASCAR Cup Series at ZED RUN

Ladies and gentlemen, you know what to do – ZED RUN kicks off the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series with a bang this weekend with our first-ever racing challenges!

To celebrate the return of NASCAR racing and its 2022 kickoff at the Daytona International Speedway this Sunday, ZED RUN will be launching a freshly themed NASCAR Speedway racetrack, and a brand new way to take home prizes.

Even better, if you own a NASCAR ZED Pass, we’ve set up a special prize pool just for you. That means you’ll be competing against just a small fraction of the community to win the same $100 prize. This added utility is just the beginning of what’s in store for ZED PASS holders in 2022, with some exciting collaborations with NASCAR in the works, and experiences being planned.

In addition, we’d like to remind all NASCAR ZED Pass holders to head on over to our Discord and join the brand new dedicated NASCAR pass holder channel. Our team is preparing to use this exclusive area for some exciting announcements, polls, chats, and most importantly, as a means to gather information for future utility drops. Being in that channel will keep you in the know, faster, so you can reap the benefits of some of the items we have in store.

For more information on the NASCAR Cup Series at ZED RUN and all the festivities, check out the community blog.

NEW: NASCAR Speedway Racetrack at ZED RUN

The return of the NASCAR Cup Series to ZED RUN means the addition of a brand new racetrack: the NASCAR Speedway.

Debuting just this week, this new racetrack will dominate the platform this weekend, ensuring everyone can enter the NASCAR Track Open Challenge and the NASCAR Track Passholder Challenge (NASCAR ZED Passholders only).

Roadmap and Product Updates

  • Racehorse contract migration has experienced a delay with the team working to ensure full stability in order to deliver a better user experience. In order to offer additional functionality, including showing Skins in 3D races, ZED RUN users need to complete NFT contract upgrades for each of their racehorses.
  • Daily tournaments are underway. A complete schedule of events is available in the ZED RUN Guide.
  • ZED Token continues to progress, with the team on target in plans with Republic Crypto to ensure the smoothest path towards meeting our goals for Q1 as this will come to the ZED RUN platform in 2022.

Creative Corner

As touched on above, ZED Token is rapidly approaching reality. Our Social Media team dropped another teaser this past week, giving the community a glimpse into the long-anticipated token. It’s looking so stunning, we just may need to add a jewelry section to our merch store in the future!

User Feedback

In consistent quest to inform the teams on what you are most interested in seeing, User Experience Researcher Rebecca Harvey has put a recent call out to the community. Head on over and vote before the poll closes, and as always, thank you for your feedback!

In the News

  • Draft Kings Nation shared with its audience our plans for this weekend’s Racing Challenges celebrating NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500.
  • Finextra recently mentioned ZED RUN as one of the Play-to-Earn games that have helped pave a path in the gaming industry for similar startups.

Top Sales

In this space, we normally highlight the tremendous work @zedsalesbot does in keeping track of ZED RUN racehorse sales, but this week, we’re switching it up and dropping the eyeball emoji on an incredible transaction we spotted in the wild.

The purchase of Unfolded Brilliance, a Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion with massive stats, was made by @cryptokidKid from well-known community member East Coast Stables via Bluewaters.

Congratulations to all involved!

Content Creators

We appreciate all those who cover ZED RUN on a weekly, and even sometimes, daily basis. Through the good, the bad, and at times the ugly, @TheEvergreenZED is one of those valuable community members that show up, log on, and break ZED RUN down for his audience. At every turn he’s out in front, delivering to viewers what’s going on at ZED RUN, and many times, joined by a special guest the community recognises.

If you’re looking for fair and balanced coverage of the game you love, his content is for you. Thank you, Evergreen!

Join the Fun

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.

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