We are back at it again with the Product Roundup, and boy did the Product Managers have a lot of juicy alpha to share with you this time.

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Breeding Improvements

Nearly six months after relaunching breeding and 175,000 bred horses later, we will be releasing a major update to breeding. As a result, traits and abilities will be passed down through generations more predictably. What this means is that your skill, strategy and knowledge of not only your stable, but others, will be rewarded with stronger performing offspring(s).

Why are we making this change?

We believe it is the right time to deliver this major milestone as part of our long-term plans to continue developing and expanding the entire ZED RUN ecosystem.

This update will reward players who are selectively and strategically breeding with the best racehorses.

How will this impact your experience?

Existing racehorse abilities will not be changed. However, moving forward from this breeding update, we expect to see the player experience impacted in following ways.

Breed Smarter and Win

Stable owners who choose to breed selectively by identifying racehorses with good genes are more likely to be rewarded with foals that perform better on the racetrack than those who do not.

DNA Decay

We will begin to see more winning racehorses among the lesser Breed Types. However, these lesser Breed Types will have limited opportunities to pass on their genes, as their breeding ability will decay.

More Control

Prized ancestry will play a larger role in creating a winning racer as ancestors’ genes can be inherited.

Creating More Competition

Smaller stables will be able to improve their family lines as effectively as larger stables. Every racehorse will be able to gain upward mobility if bred strategically.

Note: Existing bred racehorses will not be affected and existing racehorse abilities will not and will never be changed

With these changes, we expect to see a divergence in the racehorse population that separates the best breeders from the rest. We also expect to see “specialists” that were specifically bred to prefer certain race conditions.

Target Launch: Late February

More specifics on the new updates will be added to the ZED RUN Guide at launch.


After the exciting announcement that Daily Tournaments are coming to ZED RUN, you may be wondering: what’s next for tournaments once the daily tournaments get underway?

As soon as daily tournaments are live and running as planned, the team will begin working on the next iterations of tournaments which include:

  • Expanding the entry conditions
  • Running both daily and weekly tournaments concurrently
  • More variation of formats such as dedicated paths and more

These iterations all come with improved designs for stable owners to easily navigate through the different tournaments and learn more about their standings and results.

Got an idea for a new tournament format to test out? Let us know through the Product Portal.


What racehorses would you borrow? For how long?

When it comes to renting, our mission is to make the game more welcoming and accessible to newer players, who need a chance to learn and enjoy the game in a safe, risk-reduced space.

Our focus right now is getting trial racehorses out to new users to experience the game before having to purchase a racehorse. Peer to Peer (P2P) lending is well underway currently being scheduled to roll out in three phases that will help maximise the ZED token. If you have strong thoughts or opinions on renting, share your feedback on Discord or through the Product Portal.

We want to make sure if we introduce a lending market, there is enough value for a borrower versus just buying a racehorse, and how this will impact wealth concentration within the player ecosystem.

Questions? Feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us in Discord or submit your feedback in the Product Portal.

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