Game Basics

How to Create a Stable

Before you own a racehorse, you’ll need a stable for them to reside in. The first step in creating a ZED RUN stable is to set up your MetaMask or Torus wallet. Not sure how? Simply follow the steps outlined in the videos below.

How to Sign Up Using MetaMask

How to Sign Up Using a Social Media Account

How to Add Funds to Your Wallet

Racehorse Types

No two racehorses on ZED RUN are the same. On top of their base abilities, every racehorse is differentiated by their Bloodline, Breed Type, Coat Colour, Gender and Genotype. All of these genetic factors combined with additional characteristics determine a racehorse’s overall ability.

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What are the Different Racehorse Types?

Buying and Selling

OpenSea is ZED RUN's trusted secondary marketplace for buying and selling racehorses.

When making a purchase or sale on OpenSea, always ensure you are using the official and verified ZED RUN contract. You can identify the correct contract by the blue tick.

ZED RUN will release a fully functioning marketplace before the end of 2023. Until then, the ‘Featured Racehorse’ section on our ‘Buy’ page and within your Stable showcases horses sourced from OpenSea that are suitable for purchase.

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How to Buy a Racehorse on Opensea

How to Buy a Racehorse on Hawku


Once you are equipped with one or more racehorse(s), visit ZED RUN’s Events Page. On this page, you will have access to current races that are available to be bought into and Free Racing which you can read more about in this guide.

Racing Basics

How to Enter a Race

What is Stamina?



Breeding is a game element and is pivotal within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Just like the real world, you can breed two racehorses together and produce a new offspring.

Breeding Basics

How to Put a Male Racehorse into the Stud Farm

How to Breed a Female Racehorse


Tournaments are an exciting part of the future of the ZED RUN racing landscape. Accessible to all and offering big prize pools, tournaments provide another way to prove your racehorse is a champion.

Tournament Basics

What is a Daily Tournament? 

How to Enter a Daily Tournament