Community Guidelines

ZED RUN (ZED) wants to create a safe, fun and loyal community for people around the world to watch, play, and race with one another.

In any gaming environment, there will be those people that are passionate and loud and may, from time to time, show a little too much emotion; which is totally fine and acceptable! All we ask is that, for everyone to respect each other because after all, this is the only way any community grows.

ZED will attract people from all ages, races and genders and everyone will have different ways they want to play and interact with ZED.  Therefore, treat everyone like you would want to be treated.

Building a strong sense of community cannot be done without you. Everyone who is a part of ZED plays an important role in keeping our platform safe and respectful. Please share this responsibility with us and contact us if you see something that goes against our values and guidelines described below.  We are always striving to make ZED a more inclusive place for everyone so do not hesitate in contacting us at for feedback.

We like to keep it simple so we have highlighted a few important notes to remind our community of what we do not tolerate.

Be logical and thoughtful

Posting personal information about others without their consent is not allowed.
Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for ZED.
Do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, colour, ethnicity, age, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Please be mindful not to intimidate others by conveying derogatory or insensitive jokes, pranks, or comments (i.e. slurs).

To put simply, use your best judgment and be respectful.

Hate speech is a big no no

Any speech that excludes, segregates or dehumanises fellow community members of their age, gender, racial background will be considered hate speech. ZED also does not allow for the hateful use of racial or misogynistic slurs; we are all equal and have the right to feel safe.

Bullying or harassment is not on

The emotional safety of our community is important to us and it should be important to you too. Everyone within the ZED community deserves to feel safe and respected. Do not shame others or send threatening messages that make others feel inferior. The mental wellbeing of our community is taken very seriously and anything that puts our community in jeopardy will be dealt with accordingly.

Keep it squeaky clean

Do not promote sexual misconduct or abuse of any kind. Additionally, we restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. We default to removing sexual imagery to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content.

Do not post content that promotes, encourages, coordinates, or provides instructions for suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders.

This includes asking others to help you harm yourself, or assisting others in engaging in self-harm or suicidal behaviour themselves. Do not tell others anything that may lead to self harm. ZED may be a place for some to escape and have fun so please do not ruin this for the community.

Don’t promote illegal activity

We prohibit people from promoting or publicising violent crime, theft or fraud. We don’t want to condone this activity or inspire copycat behaviour. We also don’t allow people to depict criminal activity or admit to crimes they or their associates have committed. We do, however, allow people to debate or advocate for the legality of criminal activities, as well as address them in a rhetorical or satirical way. Learn more by reading our Community Standards for promoting or publicising crime.

Love yourself and therefore be yourself

Please do not attempt to impersonate others (i.e. creators, other users, game developers, or ZED employees).

Use an appropriate Stable name and profile picture

Please ensure your Stable does not offend, implied or otherwise. If your content is reported and goes against the nature of ZED, it will be referred to our moderators and your stable may be removed.

Respect intellectual property

Before sharing content on ZED that may not be yours, please ensure that you have the right to do so. Please respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks, creations and other legal rights.

We are here for everyone

If you feel we have missed something or want to report an issue, reach out at any time to

Community Culture

ZED RUN is empowered by its 40,000+ strong community from around the world, driving a creative and collaborative culture. Everyday, community participants are finding joy in the digital racehorse ownership and the discovery of friendly competition across futuristic racetracks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subsequently, ZED RUN community's innovative edge and expansive reach has attracted the attention of thousands, including mentions in The New York Times.

Deeper than hype, the passion of ZED RUN's community is evident in everything from live event streaming and X spaces to creative tools, and unique brands.