The Product & UX Roundup is back, all dressed up and ready to wow you with fancy screenshots and extravagant phrases like auto-gate selector

So read it, drink it in, though be warned – it will leave you feverishly scratching your neck and demanding more. You won’t be able to help it. You’ll take to every social media platform your phone’s storage capacity allows, begging to know ‘wen racing filters’ – to which the answer is, and forever will be, ‘soon.’

Let’s get started.

New Tournaments Page

We recently released an update to the tournaments UI, so you can now view all previous and current tournament events here.

All previous tournament standings have been captured since February 2022 onwards. This means you can view historic leaderboards to find where your racehorses ranked at the end of the qualifying period, see the cut lines for the different tournament types, and scout which racehorses performed the best.  As a reminder, the Class 1 Premier tournament leaderboard is not captured here, but is hosted by our friends at Know Your Horses here.

Racing Features

Throughout March, the Racing team will be releasing housekeeping and quality of life features to improve the UX on the events page. These include:

Event Time-Outs

Racing event time-outs will cancel any long-standing races that sit in the Events page for too long. This will allow for a higher rotation of races with more demand, while still giving the races with less demand an opportunity to be filled. Once a racing event is cancelled, entry fees will be returned to those who have already entered.

New Filters

With plans to add more filters to the racing events page, it will become easier for you to find the exact race that you are looking for. This process will begin with the addition of a distance filter and will later extend to things like entry fee, surface type, and other variables.

Auto-Gate Selector

The auto-gate selector option will allow for quick and seamless entry into races. We are just as excited as you are to implement it, as it is a feature that has been top of mind for many community members. 

Note: The auto-gate selector feature will be deployed in phases, with the first phase implemented only for free races.

Eligibility Conditions

Conditional races are coming, beginning with <5% win-rate races, ranging from Class 3 to Class 6. As part of a much larger framework of eligibility conditions coming to racing, the intention is to give every racehorse in the ecosystem a chance to be competitive on the track.

Surface Preference Paused

The release of surface preference has been temporarily paused to address the priorities surrounding current scheduling challenges and to allow improvements and fixes. Surface preference will be an exciting feature adding another layer of skill and complexity to the racing ecosystem.

Safety & Security

In light of some recent issues identified from our community, the team has updated the ZED RUN Guide with a new Safety & Security section. Don’t forget to stay vigilant, and check out the new Guide page for details on how to best protect your accounts. Shoutout to Evergreen and others for helping the community stay safe!

Questions? Feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us in Discord or submit your feedback through our various UX surveys and user testing opportunities.

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