As iconic pop singer Rebecca Black once said, “It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get my ZED RUNdown, on Friday.”

Unless you’re reading this in Australia. In that case, the ZED RUNdown comes out on Saturdays. Which, thankfully, Ms.Black famously reminded us is the day that comes after Friday.

Now that we’ve established what day it is, let’s move on to more pressing issues, like the tectonic plates shifting at ZED RUN, some exciting announcements, and all the goodness that continues to flow from our community. 


The first glimpses of the ZED token were released this week. With the team hard at work alongside the token issuer, we are all focused on delivering Phase 1: Airdrop of the token launch, seeing these striking new visuals sparks excitement for all.

As outlined in our roadmap, the ZED token will play a critical role in establishing the new foundation for racingbreedinglending and guilds and as such will underpin all ongoing development. In the weeks ahead, the team will release more detailed information about Phase 1 of the token launch.

Community Event: #SuperFoal

Wen Super Coat utility? Super Bowl weekend, that’s when.

With the NFL on a weekend hiatus while the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams prepare for next Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI matchup at SoFi Stadium, the team decided to get in on the action and host a super event of our own — introducing, the first-ever #SuperFoal tournament at ZED RUN!

The #SuperFoal tournament is a special, stand-alone tournament for ZED RUN’s Super Coat racehorses! Full details on the #SuperFoal will be released early next week, as the team is joined by Community Creators in planning giveaways and a variety of fun.

For now, you may want to start giving all those Super Coat racehorses in your stable a closer look.

Creative Corner

The hits just keep on coming from our Creative team as they work to make ZED RUN as interactive as possible. The latest addition is Lock and Follow, a function that enables you to focus on one specific racehorse throughout a race. Lock and Follow comes just after the release of the top two most requested functions from community: Timewarp and Jockey Mode.

Speaking of community requests, here’s a sneak peek capturing the final stages of our skins testing! Skins are expected to be rolled out and enabled this month, so be on the lookout for an announcement detailing the release.


The team is thrilled to announce some exciting NASCAR news! In celebration of the upcoming Daytona 500, a string of NASCAR activations is coming to ZED RUN, starting with the debut of a new NASCAR racetrack on 16th February, plus special racing events set for 18th-20th February.

As part of the NASCAR activation, the team will be releasing:

  • A private Discord channel created just for owners of the NASCAR ZED Pass. Exclusive perks, AMAs, and additional utility opportunities will be available for all those pass owners.
  • A brand new NASCAR racetrack is coming to ZED RUN, and with it, a brand new prize pool and racing challenges! 
  • Racing challenges will consist of two separate eligibility pools. One enables eligibility for all community members, and the other is a special pool dedicated for only NASCAR ZED Pass holders. 
  • Additional utility for NASCAR ZED Pass holders is planned, with finalisations currently underway.

Details of the upcoming NASCAR event will be outlined in a community blog as early as next week! 

ZED RUN: In the News

When it comes to entertainment, there is a rule of thumb in the production world: start strong, finish stronger. The latest virtual production sizzle reel from Unreal Engine abides by this rule, as it ends with glimpses of the team’s collaborative production featured in the 2022 roadmap.

The sizzle reel highlights the incredible possibilities that Unreal Engine transforms into reality. What’s evident and exciting is the powerful storytelling Spectre Studios has achieved through virtual production and entertainment.

Roadmap & Product Updates

  • ZED token planning and integration are underway with all focus on Phase 1: Airdrop.
  • The first phase of Class System updates is scheduled to be rolled out. The new class system updates represent the first big step towards a more dynamic and competitive ZED RUN class system. 
  • The first test of Daily Tournaments is now complete. More details will soon be released, including a schedule of all the daily tournaments to come each week, so community can plan ahead.
  • As outlined recently in our Product Roundup community blog, there will be a major breeding change coming to ZED RUN. Target date for completion of this change is late February.

NOTE: The function of any token integrated into ZED RUN is subject to change. If you intend to acquire the token(s) on a secondary market, we hold no responsibility for the increase or decrease in the token(s) value. By nature, cryptocurrencies represent inherent risk and you should seek independent advice.

Top Sales

Are you following @zedsalesbot yet? Click the follow button on this community tool and keep up with all the latest ZED RUN racehorse sales. Below are some of the top sales this week:

RacehorseBreed/BloodlineETH/USD time of sale
Star StriderZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare58 ETH/$138,521.39
Afternoon DelightZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare14.76/$37,932.68
SensationalZ2 Nakamoto Genesis Filly11.5ETH/$30,835.93
SmokoZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare9ETH/$22,967.55
ParishZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion9ETH/$22,660.92
Lunch BreakZ1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion8ETH/$20,834.00
By The DesignerZ2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion7.49ETH/$19,301.95

Content Creators

This Saturday, 6th February at 8 PM UTC, Zed Gazette will be joined by ZED RUN Product Manager Jon Lee to discuss a variety of topics and answer some questions. It’s an exciting time at ZED RUN, and Jon is the man behind quite a few of the tectonic plates shifting on the platform in the near future. Tune in!

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