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Spooky season is upon us, and ZED RUN is bringing the heat with an event that's so wickedly fun, it'll send shivers down your spine! 

The past, present and future of ZED RUN

What are Sit n Gos, initial race formats and fees

XP NFTs provide a new way to play and earn in ZED RUN.

ZED RUN and ZED Token teams collaborate to launch a gaming community grants program offering up to $10,000 in NFTs and tokens, early access to new products, and updates for new and existing ZED RUN communities.

Super Breeds is coming - this brand new feature is sure to shake things up in the ZED RUN ecosystem!

Fired up for a HUGE 2023 - ZED KNIGHTS is back! ZED RUN sat down with @JiggaPorto, Director of Content and Host for KOD Media, to talk about his KOD journey, and what ZED HEADz can look forward to in 2023.

We interviewed ShadyLane, The Zedge’s founder and an outstanding ZED RUN community member, to discuss the highlights of his site and how ZED Headz can use it.

Despite a seemingly quiet presence on social media, Sprocket’s Big Stable has managed to earn 26.5 ETH racing profit and we want to know how they've done it!

Continuing our endeavour to showcase the best and brightest tools and their creators, this week we’re highlighting Zlead, a sharp analytical tool for racing, and breeding made by well-known community member Danshan!

The class system as you know it is being refined to allow for a more engaging racing experience for everyone

We’re on a mission to spotlight the best third-party sites for ZED RUN, to not only show their creators some well-earned appreciation.

We’re running our very own ZED RUN Metaverse Cup extravaganza, paying homage to the biggest sporting event in the world.

Menace2metaverse, creator of beautiful resin sculptures, featuring ZED RUN racehorse busts and Human Park Obelisks.

Ladies of Valor Stable - helping women succeed in ZED RUN.

Lucky borrowers and a major lender reflect on the first week of Borrowing.

Celebrating the generosity of well known stable owner and community member East Coast Stables.

Six Shot Stables outlines his first-month learnings, all beginning with a $50 budget. 

As we continue to innovate, we are closer to unlocking opportunities that set the stage for a position in money gaming initiatives.

Attention all ZED Headz - claiming your ZED Tokens begins today!

Everything you need to know about Budweiser Challenge #1

A lot has changed this year at ZED RUN. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights.

Archibald Royal Family wins a $4,000 donation for The Gary Sinise Foundation.

RSVP to attend the ZED RUN community meet-up on Saturday, August 6.

Dear ZED Headz, it’s happening.

Diva's Diamond Racing dishes on the NFT NYC ZED RUN Happy Hour event.

From worst to first -- Matariki wins the Keep on Winning Cup after being the last racehorse to qualify for the tournament.

NASCAR Racing Challenges at ZED RUN have returned!

Meet Blockchain Bloodline -- the ZED Head planning to take his passion for the game full-time.

ZED Chateaux shares suggestions and his advice to new ZED RUN users.

ZED RUN is coming to NFT NYC from June 21-23

Please welcome to the digital race track our newest partner, iconic brand and one of the biggest sponsors of sport across the globe - Budweiser! ‍

Torus Wallet is a one-click social log-in experience.

Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is excited to announce the acquisition of Spectre Studios, Australia’s leading virtual production company.